Mazatlán, Mexico

Mazatlán, Mexico: Your New Property In The Path Of Totality

Next Eclipse: Own A Home In The “Path Of Totality”

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t bother traveling to the Path of Totality during the recent 2017 eclipse. It wasn’t worth the travel and traffic jams, on top of the risk of having a cloudy day.

But for the next North American eclipse, I have a ringside seat… I’ll see it from the sun deck on the roof of my apartment in Mazatlán.

That’s because the Path of Totalityfor the eclipse on April 8, 2024 will completely envelop Mazatlán, and nearby Durango.

As you can see below, the path will also cross into Texas and head into the Northeast.

But since the United States will be in its April showers season, there’s a good chance you won’t see anything up there. Continue reading

How to Live “Like A Local” In Mexico, Uruguay, and Colombia

Most people who move abroad enjoy the familiarity of an existing expat community and seek out destinations with a number of expats already in residence.

But not everyone.

There are a few of us who want to live among the local community, become a part of the local culture, and are happy if we rarely see another American or Canadian expat.

There are a few advantages to living a local lifestyle in a foreign community…

  • The cost of living is usually lower, without the market influence that expat communities often bring. This usually includes properties;
  • The cultural experience is far richer and more authentic;
  • It’s much easier to learn the local language when you’re using it to get by every day;
  • You’ll make friends quickly and easily if you’re one of only a few North Americans in the area, and you’ll enjoy a smoother assimilation.

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Las Gavias Grand: Luxurious Ocean Views In Mazatlán, Mexico

A Beachfront Project With Quiet Beaches And Island Views
The view from the 23rd-floor model condo was designed to impress… and it worked. The two islands I saw framed by the picture window are one of the most sought-after views in Mazatlán.

Behind the islands, the shipping channel is off in the distance. You can watch as container ships, tankers, cruise ships, and Mazatlán’s large commercial fishing and shrimp fleets enter and leave the port. In the near distance, in front of the islands, you often see dolphins and sea lions swimming in the bay.

The beach here is quiet and tranquil… removed from Mazatlán’s tourist attractions, cruise passengers, and traffic, yet close enough to be at the largest restaurant zone in 10 minutes.

Las Gavias Grand

The impressive view from the existing north tower of Las Gavias Grand

Today I’m going to show you a chance to buy into a pre-construction deal at a steep discount… Continue reading
Bucerías, Mexico: PV’s Lower-Priced, Less-Crowded Neighbor

Bucerías, Mexico: PV’s Lower-Priced, Less-Crowded Neighbor

Bucerías: A Small Beachfront Town That’s Big On Amenities

Plus: Watch Out For The Condo Fees

Nestled on more than 10 miles of uninterrupted sandy beach, Bucerías has just about everything you’d hope to find in a Mexican beach town.

The beaches are long, sandy, and relatively uncrowded and unspoiled when compared to those of nearby Puerto Vallarta. The cobblestoned streets see their share of visitors, but nothing like the throngs of tourists and cruise-ship passengers that visit its far more popular neighbor to the south.

Bucerías is fairly low-key… but it’s not the quaint fishing village that some writers describe. In fact, it’s better; it has the infrastructure and amenities of a much larger town. Bucerías can stand on its own as a retirement or second-home destination. Continue reading

Las amapas offers luxury with a view.

Puerto Vallarta South: Tranquil Luxury And Enviable Views

Lush Forests With Pacific Sunset Views And Luxury Living
One aspect of Puerto Vallarta that really sets it apart from the pack is its ocean- view homes tucked away in a lush, green hillside… homes that afford a 50-mile view over the Pacific. In some cases, you’ll find ocean front homes in this same setting.

My report from last week looked at the city of Puerto Vallarta (PV), including its famous Centro and Romantic Zones. This is the most popular area of PV, and it’s perfect for some expats and entrepreneurs… but it’s not for everyone. Some will find it too noisy, bustling, and touristy to provide the atmosphere you may be looking for.

But outside the town proper, situated in a thick, tropical forest, you’ll find cooler temperatures and a peaceful, relatively tranquil setting.

Head South From The Romantic Zone For Peace And Tranquility

The areas south of the Romantic Zone are collectively known as Vallarta South, which includes the prestigious areas of Amapas, Conchas Chinas, and Mismaloya. This area is known for Continue reading

Puebla, Mexico, is one of the best locations to invest for a cooler but still spring-like weather overseas.

3 Top Spots For Enjoying Spring-Like Weather All Year Long

Three Top Spots For A Cool Mountain Setting
Plus: What Happens To Your Investor Visa Money…

If you’re been researching the topic of retiring or buying a property abroad, you’ve seen a lot about beaches, sun, sand, and warm-weather locations.

But I routinely hear from readers who don’t like hot weather or humidity and have no desire to live near the beach. Just this week, I heard from two people asking for more articles on destinations with cooler climates.

The term “eternal spring-like weather” is abused frequently by those of us who write about overseas living… and I have been among the offenders.

The problem is that “spring-like” is different for everyone. Springtime in Alabama is quite different from that of Ontario, for example. I’ve seen lots of people who were too cold in Cuenca, Ecuador, while Continue reading

Growing Your Own Coffee

Investing In Your Own Coffee Farm Overseas

Three Top Spots For Growing Your Own Coffee

Back in the year 2000, on one of my final retire-overseas exploratory trips, I looked at a small, rustic home beside a rushing river in Mexico. Giant trees grew all along the riverside, shading both the house and most of the large property.

And among the trees I found a plant that I didn’t recognize… it turned out to be a coffee plant, lush with ripe berries. I plucked a few berries from the tree and thought about how great it would be to grow my own coffee right on my property. I still have the berries today, as a souvenir.

We didn’t buy that house just south of Xalapa, but I never lost sight of the dream of one day having my own coffee crop.

If you’d love to grow, sun-dry, roast, and brew your own coffee—from berry to cup—here are three options that are perfect for doing so…

Coatepec: Enjoy A Great Climate In The Coffee Capital Of Mexico

Coatepec is a small city of about 50,000 people. It’s located a few miles south of Xalapa, the capital of the eastern state of Veracruz. Coatepec sits at an ideal 4,000 feet (1,250 meters) above sea level, which is not only perfect for coffee, but Continue reading

Best Condos For Sale

Uncovering The Best Condos For Sale In Mazatlán, Mexico

Here’s What I Picked In Mazatlán… And Why
Plus: Mexico Senior Discounts… And Financing In The
Dominican Republic

1 U.S. dollar equals 18.00 Mexican pesos.

Just last week, we closed on a brand-new condo right on the boardwalk here in Mazatlán, Mexico. This came after two years of exploring up and down the Mexican coast and then evaluating one neighborhood against another within Mazatlán’s 20 miles of beaches.

I preferred Mazatlán on Mexico’s west coast for a number of reasons:

You can “go local”… or not.

Mazatlán is a “real” city of almost a half-million people. When you move here, you can choose to be part of the American/Canadian community, speak mostly English, and ease your way into Mazatlán aided by people who have come before you…

Or within a few hundred yards, you can live in one of Continue reading

Mazatlan Mexico Historic Center

Mazatlan, Mexico: A Spanish Colonial Historic Center

Plus: Investments That Qualify For Residency

I’ve been writing for the past few weeks from Mazatlán, Mexico, and have fallen into a pleasant routine here.

Each day starts with a morning walk along the beach at sunrise (fellow dog owners will understand why I’m out there so early), followed by a day of exploring the colonial historic center and beaches that make Mazatlán a famous vacation spot.

I’ve got an apartment on the waterfront, which also has easy walking access to the historic center. It’s a good place to enjoy the best of both worlds… but it also points out the difficulty in deciding where to settle here. Both lifestyles are attractive, and I’m finding it hard to decide between the two.

Founded in 1531, Mazatlán lies about nine miles south of the Tropic of Cancer (21km) on Mexico’s Pacific coast. It enjoys pleasant sunny winters—with warm waters—that draw visitors from the rest of North America, including Mexico itself.

Summers temperatures, however, will hit 90˚ (32˚C)… with periods of high humidity. It’s not a great place to be for Canadians and Americans in the summer, but it does manage to maintain a steady stream of visitors from Mexico during school vacations in Continue reading

The beach and Marina in Salinas draw visitors all year

Enjoy the high season while earning income in the off season

Plus: “I’d Be Bored To Death In A Beach Resort”

April 21, 2015
Medellín, Colombia

Dear Overseas Property Alert Reader,

I have a continuing dilemma when it comes to part-year residences. My goal—like anyone’s—is to have a property I can use for part of the year, while renting it out during the rest of the year to cover costs.

The problem, of course, is that the season when I want to be there is also when everyone else wants to be there. And the season I don’t want to be there is generally the worst possible time to rent the property out.

Punta del Este, Uruguay, is a good example. The summers are glorious… and the beautiful beaches, magnificent weather, and world-class restaurants and nightlife draw people from all over the world. But in the winter, it’s often-dreary weather and shuttered shops draw almost no one. Good luck renting your place then…

So in recent years, I’ve set out to find markets where I can use my property during the high season… but also have a demand to rent the property during the low season. (Or perhaps a place where the “low” season suits my personal preferences better than the “high” season.) There are a few situations to look for:

  • A place that’s always nice, so it doesn’t matter when anyone comes;
  • A destination that draws a segment of people who come to the area for a different purpose than you do… a purpose that fits your off-season;
  • A demand created by people who have no choice but to be there at off-peak times.