Locations With The Best Climate For Retirement

3 Locations With The Best Climate For Retirement

Plus: Explaining Currency Controls And Testing The Waters Before Purchasing Abroad

For many expats who are retiring or buying a second home abroad, weather is their primary criteria. And while it’s true that the cost of living (and cost of properties) is also important, the weather is often the primary reason behind making a move abroad. Many second homebuyers are opting for a home in the tropics or southern hemisphere in which they can escape the North American or European winters.

The idea of living in a place where the weather is pleasant all year is appealing. Not only for the comfort factor, but also for the health benefits you realize by not having to live behind closed doors to escape sweltering or frigid weather. (Another benefit, of course, is escaping the utility costs involved when you don’t need heat or air conditioning.)

I discovered early on that the world’s best all-year weather is found near the equator, at about 1,500 meters altitude (around 5,000 feet).

Using this criteria, there are not really that many places in the world to consider. Here in the Americas, there are a number of good choices in the mountainous areas between Central America and Peru.

Outside the Americas, there are also a few options—in Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, and Uganda—but they’re not quite as convenient for the North American property buyer and not too high on anyone’s list.

One of the biggest factors in picking the perfect weather is altitude… and it gives you a lot of flexibility when choosing where to live. A few miles can make a huge difference in climate when you’re traveling in mountainous areas. Outside air temperature changes 1°F for every 275-foot change in elevation (1°C for every 150 meters), which can be Continue reading