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A self-sufficient tiny house.

Successful Tiny Home Living: The 4 Things To Look Out For

4 Top Options For Tiny Home Living In Paradise I stumbled on a story last week about an Irish musician whose tiny home cost less …

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Lake Annecy and Mountain Range, Annecy, France

The Best Lake Towns Overseas For Lake Living

A Life By The Lake? Here Are 7 Top Places To Go.. “Hurry up, Mom!” shouted Grace, waist-deep in the lake. “It’s warm… like bathwater.” …

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Skiline of El Poblado, Medellín, Colombia

A Rental Market Overview Of Medellín’s Top Neighborhoods

Discoverig Medellín’s Top Neighborhoods While enduring several complete lock-down situations here in Medellín, the real estate market struggled in 2020. As the world gradually opens …

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Beautiful golf course among pine trees in Algarve, south Portugal.

The Best Golf Destinations Overseas For A Property Investment

7 Top Golf Spots For Fun And Profit I owe you an apology. Since becoming editor here at OPA, I’ve covered plenty of sunny beach …

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Luxurious holiday beach villas for rent on Cyprus.

The 4-Step Guide To Finding And Buying Real Estate Abroad

Last week we looked at the top mistakes that can ruin your overseas property investment. (If you missed it, be sure to catch up here.) …

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Azores, Portugal

9 Isolated Islands Where You Can Escape From Modern Life

In 1989, Italian schoolteacher Mauro Morandi was sailing between Corsica and Sardinia when the engine of his catamaran gave up. He washed up on the …

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restoring real estate overseas

7 Tips For Restoring Real Estate Abroad

Renovating a property overseas is something many of us dream about. But I can’t go any further without asking you one question… How are you …

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sold sign outside house

Remember This One Important Detail To Value A Property

One of my all-time favorite Christmas movies is “Home Alone.” To me, hearing the first few notes of John Williams’ “Somewhere In My Memory” is …

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Eco friendly house in Portugal

6 Top Eco-Friendly Properties For Green Living Overseas

There was a time when a property described as “sustainable” or “eco-friendly” conjured up images of a basic hut in the middle of nowhere with …

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Beautiful Lake House

ROC: Where Property Deals And Retirement Dreams Meet

As I write this week’s edition, it’s the day after our spectacular Retire Overseas Conference, and I’m exhausted. This year’s event took place in vibrant, …

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Private Tropical Island

Live Like Robinson Crusoe On Your Own Private Island

My advice for you this week is… dream big! Picture yourself swinging in a hammock, sipping an icy beverage, and listening to the waves lapping …

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Rental Properties In Medellin, Colombia

Selecting A Property Manager For Your Overseas Rental

One of the most rewarding things you can do abroad is to manage a rental. I find it enjoyable to get to know an area, …

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