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The Team Behind Overseas Property Alert

Kathleen Peddicord, Publisher of Overseas Property AlertOverseas Property Alert is a publication of Live and Invest Overseas. Live and Invest Overseas was founded by Kathleen Peddicord, who has been covering the international living and investing beat for over 30 years. Kathleen has more experience researching and reporting on top opportunities for living well, investing for profit, doing business, and owning real estate around the world than anyone else you’ll find, and is the recognized live, invest, and retire overseas expert.

Kathleen has traveled to more than 70 countries, established businesses in 7, and invested in property in 26 countries. Thanks to these adventures abroad, Kathleen has been able to assemble an unparalleled network of global contacts, colleagues, friends, experts, resources, expats, and advisors. This team, with many decades of combined experience, is on the move continuously in search of opportunity.

Their insider, from-the-scene reports, dispatches, tips, recommendations, discoveries, and insights are delivered to Overseas Property Alert readers every week.

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Editor, Overseas Property Alert,

Lynn Mulvihill has been writing on the topic of living and investing overseas for close on two decades and has edited a variety of e-letters, newsletters, reports, and books. She is the former editor of Overseas Living Letter and has recently taken up residence as editor of Overseas Property Alert.

She believes she has the perfect work/life balance—outside of her
four-hour workday, she keeps the peace between her four kids, runs, and will drive any distance in the pursuit of good coffee. Based in her
hometown of Waterford, Ireland, Lynn enjoys traveling and has spent time in Europe, Asia, the U.S., and Central America.

Lief Simon, Director of Overseas Property Alert

Lief Simon
 is the Director of Overseas Property Alert. Lief has lived and worked on 5 continents and traveled to more than
70 countries. His real estate investing experience began more than 20 years ago with a multi-unit building in Chicago.

After selling that building for a leveraged total return of more than
1,800% in 2 ½ years, Lief began to diversify internationally. In the
two decades since, Lief has personally purchased more than 45
properties, investing in 26 different countries around the world. He has developed land, managed rentals, and flipped pre-construction buys.

Lief has more experience buying and profiting from real estate around the world than any other individual investor you’re likely to find anywhere.

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