Growing Your Own Coffee

Investing In Your Own Coffee Farm Overseas

Three Top Spots For Growing Your Own Coffee

Back in the year 2000, on one of my final retire-overseas exploratory trips, I looked at a small, rustic home beside a rushing river in Mexico. Giant trees grew all along the riverside, shading both the house and most of the large property.

And among the trees I found a plant that I didn’t recognize… it turned out to be a coffee plant, lush with ripe berries. I plucked a few berries from the tree and thought about how great it would be to grow my own coffee right on my property. I still have the berries today, as a souvenir.

We didn’t buy that house just south of Xalapa, but I never lost sight of the dream of one day having my own coffee crop.

If you’d love to grow, sun-dry, roast, and brew your own coffee—from berry to cup—here are three options that are perfect for doing so…

Coatepec: Enjoy A Great Climate In The Coffee Capital Of Mexico

Coatepec is a small city of about 50,000 people. It’s located a few miles south of Xalapa, the capital of the eastern state of Veracruz. Coatepec sits at an ideal 4,000 feet (1,250 meters) above sea level, which is not only perfect for coffee, but Continue reading

Investing In Belize Beachfront Property

Investing In Belize Beachfront Property

Plus: Buying In Lagos, Portugal

San Pedro Town, Belize

The properties in this report are priced in U.S. dollars

Belize is at the top of the list for anyone who dreams of clear, warm waters, swaying palms, sport-fishing, and white sandy beaches. It’s a well-recognized destination among North American mainstream travelers.

Belize is a also big player in the ecotourism market, and ranked as world-class for diving and snorkeling. The barrier reef here is second in size only to the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia.

It’s a Caribbean destination that’s inexpensive when compared to most everything else in the Caribbean, so it draws more than just the high-end traveler.

We’ve been tracking an oceanfront project in Belize for more than a year, waiting for it to come to market. It’s a one-of-a-kind beachfront project in the British colonial style… one that’s reminiscent of Belize’s colonial past.

It’s a limited-inventory opportunity to invest in Belize for capital gain, earn an income from the property, or even Continue reading

colombia beach

Property Q And A With Lee Harrison

“I’ll Assume You Have No Clue…” Readers Speak Out

Aug. 25, 2015
Medellín, Colombia

Dear Overseas Property Alert Reader,

As of today, I have 99 pages of reader questions—of which, some 40 are unanswered.

So I’m going to hand this issue over to the readers of Overseas Property Alert. This is a good way to cover a number of topics of interest to readers… topics that may not warrant an entire article on their own.

Plus, it’ll cut down on my backlog of questions…

Hey, what happened?

I am quite surprised that Mr. Harrison has not responded to my email, which I submitted well over a month ago. If I don’t hear back from you, I’ll assume you have no clue on how to respond to my question.

Thank you anyway.


I love guys like this. They sign up for a free e-letter, and then they’re unhappy that they didn’t get a free personal consulting service along with it. I wonder if he writes to the editor of The Economist for Continue reading

Cartagena Property Investment

Cartagena Property Investment Earning 8% With Only $25,000 Down

Plus: Best Rental Markets Among Discounted Cities

Aug. 18, 2015
Medellín, Colombia

The property in this report is priced in U.S. dollars.

Dear Overseas Property Alert Reader,

Cartagena is the most popular destination in Colombia. People who know nothing about Colombia will have heard of this famous walled city… one of the oldest in the Americas.

And if anyone hadn’t heard of Cartagena before, they’ll remember it from the 2012 secret service sex scandal. I wrote about Cartagena a few months ago… if you didn’t see it, you can read the background on Cartagena here.

Tourism is king in Cartagena, where visitors each year are increasing at rates much higher than the already impressive 14% Colombia-wide increase. This, in turn, has sparked a construction boom as hotel operators scramble to increase capacity.

Meanwhile the property market continues to flourish.

I once closed a special report with a prediction that 2007 is the year to take action in Cartagena” and I implied that by 2008 you’d miss out.

I was partially right, 2007 was indeed a boom year… but I was also wrong, in that Continue reading

Atardecer en Cartagena de Indias desde La Popa.

Cartagena: A World Heritage Site Now On The Currency Bargain List

Plus: Seeking A Beach Property In Mazatlán

June 16, 2015
Medellín, Colombia

US$1=2,534 Colombian pesos

Dear Overseas Property Alert Reader,

Cartagena is Colombia’s most popular tourist destination. Located on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, it’s one of the world’s few remaining walled cities. It’s a unique Spanish-colonial environment, unlike any other in the Americas.

Potential expats, however, rarely think of Cartagena as an expat destination, and individual property investors often overlook its investment potential.

In both cases, they are misinformed… or uninformed.

Cartagena is in fact a very popular expat destination and has been for a long time.

It’s also been quite generous to investors over the years. And, with foreign investment dollars continuing to pour into Cartagena’s hotel, development, and tourism infrastructures, its prospects are as bright as ever.

What’s more, Cartagena is currently a bargain. This UNESCO World Heritage Site had gotten quite expensive over the years, but today it’s one of many markets that have become far more affordable thanks to the U.S. dollar’s current strength against the local currency.

Founded by the Spanish in 1533, Cartagena rapidly became a thriving seaport. In fact, it was Continue reading

Earn a good rental income in this overlooked colonial market

Earn A Good Rental Income In This Overlooked Colonial Market

Plus: Gated Communities vs. Condos

Cuenca, Ecuador, has been one of the world’s top retirement destinations for almost 10 years now. I retired there myself in 2001. And, like me, the vast majority of the expats in Cuenca were attracted by the lifestyle rather than by its investment potential.

Here are just a few of Cuenca’s big draws.

  • A former Inca capital, Cuenca is now one of the best-preserved Spanish colonial cities in the Americas, and, not-surprisingly, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • It enjoys year-round spring-like weather.
  • Health care is excellent and inexpensive, with a good selection of modern facilities.
  • Cuenca is a walkable city, where most expats don’t need to own a car.
  • The cost of living is super low. Probably the best quality of life you can find on a low budget in Latin America.
  • The cost of properties is still incredibly low, even after impressive long-term gains.
  • Cuenca enjoys one of the largest expat communities in the world today, with thousands of retires and part-year residents moving down during the past eight years or so.

Continue reading

An easy investment that earns 6% to 9.4% in Panama City

Panama enjoys one of the world’s booming economies, with its role as the Americas’ business hub still rapidly expanding.

I’m writing to you today about an opportunity to make a property investment in Panama City, with an increasing forecast yield of 6% to 9.4%. The developer is also offering a couple of financing options and a discount for cash buyers.

The offer will interest investors seeking a professionally managed income investment, which also brings some personal benefits and perks from Global Hotels and Resorts. The name of the project is Hotel Las Américas Golden Tower.

Background on the Golden Tower project
Global Hotels and Resorts is no newcomer to the hotel construction and operations business, and they have a number of properties already in production. Two that I’m familiar with are the Capilla del Mar—a traditional oceanfront luxury hotel in Cartagena, Colombia—and the Hotel Las Américas Resort, Spa, and Convention Center, a megaplex resort development also in Cartagena.

After staking their claim in Cartagena’s hot market, Global Hotels and Resorts turned their sights to Panama City and the opportunity to take advantage of its economic expansion that continues to gain momentum.

Why Panama?

As the “Hub of the Americas,” Panama remains the region’s business and economic center. And the long-term economic picture in Panama continues to be bright. I don’t need to rehash all the reasons why Panama has been successful to this point…let’s look at the future.

On top of everything Panama had going for it already, the current canal expansion is set to double the Panama Canal’s capacity next year, which will have a significant long-term impact.

Canal profits are expected to increase from about US$800 million to US$2 billion annually. (That averages out to about US$600 profit per citizen.) In practical terms, this means that Panama will have an additional US$1.2 billion to spend each year to enhance their already-strong economy; something they’ve been good at in the past. The GDP is expected to double within eight years of the expanded canal’s opening and triple within 20 years.

So there’s every reason for a hotel developer to expect that the demand for space will continue to gain momentum into the foreseeable future. Continue reading