Puebla, Mexico, is one of the best locations to invest for a cooler but still spring-like weather overseas.

3 Top Spots For Enjoying Spring-Like Weather All Year Long

Three Top Spots For A Cool Mountain Setting
Plus: What Happens To Your Investor Visa Money…

If you’re been researching the topic of retiring or buying a property abroad, you’ve seen a lot about beaches, sun, sand, and warm-weather locations.

But I routinely hear from readers who don’t like hot weather or humidity and have no desire to live near the beach. Just this week, I heard from two people asking for more articles on destinations with cooler climates.

The term “eternal spring-like weather” is abused frequently by those of us who write about overseas living… and I have been among the offenders.

The problem is that “spring-like” is different for everyone. Springtime in Alabama is quite different from that of Ontario, for example. I’ve seen lots of people who were too cold in Cuenca, Ecuador, while Continue reading

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Property Q And A With Lee Harrison

“I’ll Assume You Have No Clue…” Readers Speak Out

Aug. 25, 2015
Medellín, Colombia

Dear Overseas Property Alert Reader,

As of today, I have 99 pages of reader questions—of which, some 40 are unanswered.

So I’m going to hand this issue over to the readers of Overseas Property Alert. This is a good way to cover a number of topics of interest to readers… topics that may not warrant an entire article on their own.

Plus, it’ll cut down on my backlog of questions…

Hey, what happened?

I am quite surprised that Mr. Harrison has not responded to my email, which I submitted well over a month ago. If I don’t hear back from you, I’ll assume you have no clue on how to respond to my question.

Thank you anyway.


I love guys like this. They sign up for a free e-letter, and then they’re unhappy that they didn’t get a free personal consulting service along with it. I wonder if he writes to the editor of The Economist for Continue reading

The beach and Marina in Salinas draw visitors all year

Enjoy the high season while earning income in the off season

Plus: “I’d Be Bored To Death In A Beach Resort”

April 21, 2015
Medellín, Colombia

Dear Overseas Property Alert Reader,

I have a continuing dilemma when it comes to part-year residences. My goal—like anyone’s—is to have a property I can use for part of the year, while renting it out during the rest of the year to cover costs.

The problem, of course, is that the season when I want to be there is also when everyone else wants to be there. And the season I don’t want to be there is generally the worst possible time to rent the property out.

Punta del Este, Uruguay, is a good example. The summers are glorious… and the beautiful beaches, magnificent weather, and world-class restaurants and nightlife draw people from all over the world. But in the winter, it’s often-dreary weather and shuttered shops draw almost no one. Good luck renting your place then…

So in recent years, I’ve set out to find markets where I can use my property during the high season… but also have a demand to rent the property during the low season. (Or perhaps a place where the “low” season suits my personal preferences better than the “high” season.) There are a few situations to look for:

  • A place that’s always nice, so it doesn’t matter when anyone comes;
  • A destination that draws a segment of people who come to the area for a different purpose than you do… a purpose that fits your off-season;
  • A demand created by people who have no choice but to be there at off-peak times.