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How To Buy Property In Belize: A Guide For Future Expats

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How To Buy Property Overseas: Our Belize Guide

Belize is a small country, but it has an amazing range of property options on offer… stunning Caribbean islands, beaches on the mainland in Corozal, Toledo, and Stann Creek districts, nature-rich riverfront homes, and farms, jungles, and cooler mountain properties, too.

Aside from figuring out where in this country you want to buy property, you should also understand the buying procedures in Belizeand the potential pitfalls.

Today I am introducing you to the property purchase process in Belize.

Private Developments Vs. Local Living

Some people want the familiarity, convenience, and community of a residential subdivision like Carmelita Gardens in the Cayo district. Others find the idea of living in a planned community claustrophobic.

I’m of mixed opinion. To have rules forced upon me at home when I’m not breaking any law goes against my feeling that my home is my castle. However, there are few zoning laws in Belize. Who’s to say that my neighbor won’t open a nightclub or mechanics garage in their yard tomorrow?

Buying property in a planned expat community nearly always costs more than buying in the local community, and it usually has annual HOA fees attached. It also provides …

11 High-Risk Property Investments To Avoid

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Don’t Invest In These Overseas Properties

Buying property overseas is a great way to reliably increase profits over the long term.

It diversifies your portfolio and lowers your investment risk. It can offer a reliable Plan B, too.

But not all types of overseas property are created equal. Some are investment disasters waiting to happen.

Here are 11 types of property you should never buy overseas…

1. Timeshare Or Fractional Ownership

While timeshares aren’t exactly scams, they are one of the worst overseas property investment types out there.

Their reputation is so bad that about a decade ago, the timeshare industry rebranded itself as “fractional ownership,” but the situation remains the same.

The sales pitch is: You buy a share in a property, which entitles you to use that property for a set period of time every year.

It can seem like an appealing idea at first. However, there are many problems involved in these deals:

  1. If you buy two weeks’ use of the property (1/26th of the annual use of the property) you will pay much more than 1/26th of the value of the property. The timeshare developer keeps the extra money.
  2. You can’t stay in your property for free because there are usually exorbitant “cleaning and maintenance fees” to be paid every year. (The timeshare manager keeps most of these.) These fees are often nearly as much as it would cost you to rent the timeshare for the two weeks if you didn’t own it.
  3. You are committed to using the same property at the same time every year, unless you can find someone else with a timeshare in a place you like with whom you can swap your occupancy time.

Timeshares are a lose-lose scenario.

Instead of buying a timeshare, find a property where the down payment costs the same as your timeshare, get bank financing, and …

Comparing Investments In Real Estate: Northern Cyprus Vs. Portugal

Northern Cyprus to the left and Porto, Portugal to the right

Property Investment In Northern Cyprus Vs. Portugal

How do you decide which real estate investment destination is best for you?

Comparing real estate investments in your home country is easy because information on the market is available. You are generally comparing apples to apples.

When comparing real estate markets of countries that are thousands of miles apart, with different economies, cultures, and legal systems, it’s a different scenario.

There isn’t a single number I can pick to show you which country is better. And the investment that is best for you is not necessarily going to be the best for everybody.

I’ll illustrate this by comparing Northern Cyprus’s burgeoning market to Portugal’s more mature property market. Despite appearing similar at first glance, they offer vastly different investment opportunities…

Northern Cyprus

Size: 3,354 square kms
Population: 326,000

Adobe Stock/Vladimir Sazonov

Nestled in the northeast corner of the Mediterranean Sea is the Republic of Cyprus, the third-largest island on the Med. Northern Cyprus is the Turkish Cypriot side of the Republic of Cyprus.

It’s not part of the EU while the Republic of Cyprus is. Despite this, business continues as usual on both sides of the border, and residents and vacationers travel freely across the island.

With long sandy beaches and an ambiance of ancient culture and history, Northern Cyprus is the new lifestyle and investment destination for pioneering investors. It’s also possibly the cheapest place to live in the Western World.

This tiny country has a near-perfect climate, with up to 340 days of sunshine every year and temperatures that rarely rise above …

Things To Consider Buying Property With A Different Currency

Closeup rolled of variety banknote and multi currency around the world

My son is a massive soccer fan. He also lives by numbers.

Every morning, I hand over my phone for 10 minutes so he can check on the latest results and stats from the English Premier League, UEFA Champions League, and more.

The one stat he always tells me—maybe the only early-morning conversation I get from him—is “win probability.”

He needs to know how it’s looking for his team, Liverpool FC, in their next match. Of course, it’s not enough for him to know this ahead of the game…

As a soccer match is in play, he’ll be checking in on the win probability for as long as it updates—no matter how little time is left to the final whistle… no matter how many goals Liverpool are up.

I understand this kind of number-watching can be comforting. But how important are numbers when everything appears to be going well anyway?

As you approach buying a property overseas, it’s important to ask yourself this…

Especially when it comes to dealing in a foreign currency…

Because that’s where numbers can get really interesting… but also confusing.

You know, of course, that you can gain from your property purchase when there’s a strong currency advantage. But this also has the power to work against you, depending on …

Complete Guide To Buy A Rental Property

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Checklist For Buying Income-Producing Properties Overseas

Buying a rental property abroad offers a myriad of benefits.

With one transaction you can diversify your market and currency risks, get higher long-term returns on your investment, access undervalued markets, and set yourself on a path of adventure.

Buying your first overseas rental can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be… You don’t need to figure out the entire process by yourself.

I’m here to give you the simple steps you need to take to make an informed decision about whether to buy an income-producing property abroad.

I’ve personally bought and sold real estate in half a dozen countries, and I’ve assisted clients in purchasing and selling hundreds of properties across …

How To Determine When To Cash Out Of Your U.S. Investments

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You Gotta Know When To Fold ‘Em

Kenny Rogers said it best: The most crucial piece of information in investing is knowing when to cash out of a market.

All U.S. asset classes are currently overinflated.

The bond market just sent us a dire warning about the future of the U.S. economy.

All the economic indicators are flashing red.

One of these warning alarms is accurate over 90% of the time…

Knowing what these alarms are warning of could ensure you don’t take a financial hit like you did in 2008.

By acting now, you can insulate yourself from this impending crisis.

What’s better, you’ll have not one but two opportunities to turn this impending crisis into cash profits.

It’s not a question of “if” or “maybe.” A recession is on the way.

Economic models are famous for their vagueness, but the IYC model has a proven track record of more than 90% accuracy.

This economic model predicts the medium-term likelihood of a recession, and it has predicted every recession since …

Buying Off-Plan Guide: Lock In Big Discounts On Future Retail Prices

Aerial View of Riviera Sao Lourenco Beach in Sao Paulo, Brazil

The Rules For Buying Off-Plan Real Estate

Buying off-plan property has many advantages, but it also has many pitfalls. I bought an off-plan apartment in Leeds, U.K., 20 years ago. It was the third property I ever bought. I naively trusted someone whom I had known for years, and I lost my rear end to his fraudulent promises. Armed with better advice, my fifth property buy was off-plan in Croatia, and I made a killing. Usually my advice is “buy what you see,” but this doesn’t work with off-plan investing. You need to know what you are doing if you are going to purchase a property before it is built. I didn’t the first time, and I learned the hard way. When you select the right property, you can make more from buying off-plan real estate than any other form of real estate transaction.

What Is Buying Off-Plan?

Buying off-plan means buying a property before construction begins. Property developers require bank financing to build their projects, and banks want to know they will be able to

Learn How To Invest Smarter And Let Inflation Pay You

Investing Infation

Make Inflation Pay You

This is the short-term fallout of the current geo-political mess:

  1. Fuel and energy price spikes;
  2. Supply chain disruptions, microchip shortages, and tech stock devaluations;
  3. Food price inflation;
  4. Stock market volatility.

It sounds ominous, but don’t worry. There is a simple way of hedging against these risks. You can make money while you’re doing it, too.

I’m about to let you in on an opportunity that allows you free time for yourself while you’re making all these profits.

Sounds great, right?

Before I give away the secret, let’s take a deeper look at what everyone else will be dealing with over the coming …

You Must Read This Before You Sell Your Rental Property

A small house with a nice green yard for sale.

When To Sell And Reinvest

“When should I sell a rental property?” is a popular question among readers.

For most people, the answer depends on the situation…

Of course, if you need the capital from the property for something like a medical emergency, the answer is easy.

But if you’re looking to reinvest the capital, there’s more to consider.

Taking the pure investment approach and ignoring diversification considerations, you start with the math. You need to …

The Most Important Factors To Consider When Evaluating An Investment

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The Dangers Of Gross Yield Offers And The Pitfalls Of Fixed Appreciation Projection

There are a lot of scammers out there.

And not all of them are trying to sell you a bridge.

Some fraudsters bilk unsuspecting investors into handing money over for bogus developments.

But far more common are the legal scams where a seller dupes unseasoned investors by hyping information that doesn’t have any bearing on actual value.

A prime example of this is using gross cash flow to imply future earnings or arbitrarily fixed capital appreciation projections as a reason to pay more for a property than it’s worth.

These flim-flam artists dazzle you with information that looks appealing on the surface in the …