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Buying Property In Spain: A Guide For Foreigners

Panoramic sight of the Alhambra Palace and the Albaicin district in Granada in Andalusia, Spain.

How To Buy Property In Spain

Spain has been a top global expat destination for decades. About 60 million tourists visit the country every year—an impressive figure for a country with a population of only 47 million. A few reasons for its enduring popularity are its excellent weather, its rich, laid-back, and welcoming culture, and the diverse lifestyle options on offer for retirees, remote workers, young families, and party lovers. Property is cheaper than in most parts of Western Europe and outside major cities and away from the ocean can be great value. Before buying property in Spain, though, there are several crucial steps you should know…

How To Buy Property In Spain

The process starts by deciding on budget and lifestyle. You’ll need to consider if you want to buy a second-hand property or a new-build or off-plan property. There are …

Costa De La Luz, Spain: A Real Estate Market Overview

A turquoise beach in Costa de la Luz, Spain

A Dazzling Trip To Spain’s Costa De La Luz (Coast Of Light)

I’m back from a week inspecting property in Costa de la Luz, on the southern Atlantic coast of Spain

This area is a favorite vacation home choice for wealthy Spanish people, which is always a positive sign for a property market. It’s not overbuilt, and you won’t find mega developments spoiling the natural beauty.

Foreign buyers (mostly Germans, Belgians, French, and to a lesser extent, British expats) make up less than 20% of the property market. Americans are only beginning to discover it. Costa de la Luz attracts a more sophisticated expat than other parts of Spain.

This region is appealing because of the low cost of living, amazing beaches, nearly endless sunshine (the area is called the “Coast of Light” for a reason), cooling Atlantic breezes, and the mix of Spanish and Arab culture.

The property market is on fire at the moment, with realtors struggling to find inventory to supply demand. Several local realtors I visited had fewer than …

Portugal’s Algarve Versus Spain’s Costa Del Sol—Finding The Best Value

The Algarve to the left and Costa del Sol to the right

When it comes to sun, sea, and sand, southern Europe offers two attractive options on its warm, southern coastline—Portugal’s Algarve and Spain’s Costa del Sol. Each share a similar history of Roman and Moorish patrimony, excellent fresh seafood, and sunny idyllic climates. Owning property and living in either of these locations is a dream for almost anyone.

The property markets of the two regions differ in both value and affordability, with the Algarve being a better choice for those who want to live in the sunshine.

Let’s take a look.

Costa Del Sol

Malaga from the skies in Costa del Sol, Spain
Adobe Stock/LucVi

Costa del Sol is located on the southern coastal area of Spain’s Andalucía region. It’s bordered by the busy towns of Nerja and Marbella, with Málaga as its centerpiece. As an American expat living in Portugal’s Algarve for three years now, I have an easy two-hour drive to Spain’s Costa del Sol. The scenery is stunning, with mountains rising dramatically out of the sea.

Costa del Sol became a tourist haven early on and, unfortunately, tourists, expats, and property developers flooded the region. Builders erected hundreds of thousands of …

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Property In Spain

View of the sea from a height of Pope Luna's Castle in Valencia, Spain

In June 2016, I bought a home in Valencia, Spain. You are probably asking yourself why someone who owns property in Spain would be writing this article. But buying property abroad is a complex, lengthy process, and it takes insider knowledge to divulge the truths of buying property in specific countries. Let me explain…

Recently I was looking at properties with an American couple of retirement age, who were in Valencia for the first time. Our initial communications had led me to believe that they were interested in a property in the central historic district that would serve as their home for part of …

Revealed: Unique Golf Property For Sale In Murcia, Spain

Cartagena, Murcia, Spain

Murcia: An Authentic Spanish Lifestyle (With Apartments From US$93,700)

Year-round sunshine… check!

World-class, golden beaches… check!

A rich culture, tasty local food and wine, a wide range of outdoor activities (on land and water), and an affordable cost of living… one big, fat check!

Spain ticks a lot of boxes for the would-be expat or investor. And, when you focus on the right …

Costa Dorada, Catalonia: Affordable Old World Living In Spain

Tarragona in Spain

A day-trip to Barcelona or Cambrils?

The biggest decision my family had to make over our two weeks spent on the Costa Dorada (Gold Coast) in Catalonia, northeastern Spain, came down to this.

Our 12-year-old architecture fan rooted for Barcelona. His two younger brothers sided with him—in the hopes of a visit to Camp Nou (home of Messi and FC Barcelona). And the 8-year-old daughter… well, she just wanted to stay by the pool. …

Turnkey Truffle Investment In Spain Promising High Returns

Black truffles being cut by a knife on a chopping board

Last year I wrote to you about a truffle investment in France. Today I’m writing to tell you it’s sold out. So many OPA Readers bought in to the project that the developers have had to move to Spain to get more land, to plant more trees, to make more truffles. And the Spanish investment is equally as attractive for three reasons… …

Alicante, Spain: Fall In Love With The Feel Of Old Spain

Alicante, Spain: Fall In Love With The Feel Of Old Spain

Alicante: The Essence Of Spain

If Spain isn’t on your list of possible retirement destinations, you really should pay it a visit. While it isn’t as cheap as Southeast Asia or parts of Latin America, the cost of living is quite reasonable, and Spain today is a modern, developed country—nothing Third World about it. You might just be pleasantly surprised, as I was.

This week, we continue our exploration of Spain’s Mediterranean coast, heading southward from Valencia to lovely little Alicante. There is a small but solid expat community there, built around a core of Brits. (Brits are pretty much everywhere, I notice.)

Madrid, with 3.2 million inhabitants, is Spain’s largest city. Barcelona is about half the size of Madrid. Valencia is about half of Barcelona, and Alicante about half of Valencia, with fewer than 350,000 in the city proper. But with each step down in size, I didn’t notice that anything was lost. Rather, the essence of Spain just seemed to become more distilled.

Alicante, also known as Alacant in Valencian, sits on the Costa Blanca of Spain. Although its roots are ancient, today Alicante is a modern city, with a bustling centro filled with chic designer shops and department stores, equally chic people, a harbor crowded with envy-arousing yachts, and a sleek tram/light-rail system.

And yet, Alicante still retains the feel of Old Spain. Most businesses observe the afternoon siesta. Friends who meet by chance on the sidewalk stop to …

Valencia, Spain: Food, History, And Affordable Property

Valencia, Spain: Food, History, And Affordable Property

Spain has long been a popular destination for casual visitors and retirees alike. A convivial culture, generally agreeable climate, reasonable cost of living, and superb food are just a few of the reasons for Spain’s perpetual popularity.

But Spain is quite diverse—really more a loosely-knit group of largely autonomous and disparate comunidades more so than a single country. Faced with such diversity, where should you begin your explorations?

One of my favorite cities is Valencia. Although it is Spain’s third largest city, with a population of around 800,000 (double that in the metro area), Valencia feels smaller. It has a more relaxed ambience than either Madrid or Barcelona, and it’s considerably cheaper than those larger cities, as well. But don’t imagine that you have to give up a lot just because Valencia comes with a lower price tag. Not at all.

Valencia lies on the Mediterranean on a stretch known as the Costa del Azahar, or Orange Blossom Coast. It is easily reached either by direct flight, or …