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How To Get In On Huatulco, Mexico—Before The Tourism Boom

Paradise sand beach with turquoise blue water in Huatulco, Oaxaca, Mexico

Mexico has become a tourism powerhouse. It totals to over 32 million arrivals, making Mexico the ninth most-visited country in the world… and the second in North America after the Unites States.

The rise in Mexico’s international popularity is due to the efforts of FONATUR (Fondo Nacional de Fomento al Turismo), the Mexican government’s tourism investment arm. Think of it as a national fund for tourism development.

FONATUR was created in 1974 to invest in (and incentivize the development of) new infrastructure, hotels, and other tourism-related businesses in designated regions throughout country. These projects are known as Integrally Planned Resort Centers.

First, the agency identifies an intrinsically desirable area in which to create a tourism zone. Then it develops a master-planned community, which includes a residential section for permanent residents complete with schools, hospitals, and markets; a tourist area with hotels, shopping centers, and golf courses; and, in many cases, protected …

Puerto Vallarta vs. Mazatlán: Comparing The Best Of Mexico

Puerto Vallarta to the left and Mazatlan to the right

One of the questions I hear most frequently is why I chose to live in Mazatlán, rather than better-known Puerto Vallarta. In fact, even here at Live and Invest Overseas, Puerto Vallarta tends to get more coverage and higher ratings.

So why choose Mazatlán Let’s compare the two.

In Some Ways, Both Destinations Are Similar…

Both Puerto Vallarta (PV) and Mazatlán enjoy choice spots on Mexico’s Pacific coast, with good access to the United States and Canada.

Both cities are long-time tourism destinations, which has both positive and negative consequences. For example, the touristy Romantic Zone in Puerto Vallarta is about …

3 Popular Seaside Towns In Mexico Within Driving Distance Of U.S.

Malecon Avenue in the coastal city of Mazatlan in the state of Sinaloa, Mexico

The most valuable convenience you can hope for when purchasing a home abroad is the ability to load up your car and drive to it… it’s one of Mexico’s biggest advantages.

Today we’re going to look at three popular spots on the Sea of Cortez, all within a day’s drive of the U.S. border: Puerto Peñasco, San Carlos, and Mazatlán.

The Sea of Cortez––also known as the Gulf of California––is the body of water that separates Baja California from the Mexican mainland. It starts at the mouth of the Colorado River. The sea is …

The Best Places To Move To In Mexico For Expats

Sunset in San Miguel De Allende, Guanajuato Mexico

5 Top Markets For Expats In Mexico

Over the past four decades, Americans have voted Mexico the world’s #1 place to live or retire in the way that really counts: They’ve packed up and moved there. This country is home to more American expats and retirees than any other—
at least 1 million and as many as 2 million, depending on the survey.

Americans looking to start a new life in a new country primarily seek three things: warm weather, beautiful beaches, and a low cost of living. Mexico delivers in all three categories.

While the living is not as cheap as it was in the 1970s when Americans first began migrating south in volume, Mexico is a bargain on the global scale. Thanks to the U.S. dollar’s strength against the peso in the last few years, the cost of living appeals to retirees on a budget. In some parts of the country, this translates to super real estate deals, too.

The other big attraction of Mexico is its convenience. Depending on where you choose to call home in this diverse country, you could drive down from your U.S. base. This makes it attractive to expats who want to keep up regular links with family and friends—or even a business—back home.

Possibly the greatest challenge with Mexico is finding the right place to go. When you can choose from Pacific or …

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico: Discovering The Latest Path Of Progress

Amapas Beach, Conchas Chinas Area, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Insider Update From Mexico’s Most Romantic Beach Town

Most North Americans bound for Mexico head to the Caribbean shores—hitting the vacation hot spots from Cancún down to Tulum…

But the Pacific side, with its relaxed vibe, is beginning to draw more attention. We’ve talked here before about FONATUR’s plans for development along the Riviera Nayarit and the beginning of work on the Costa Canuva resort…

But decades before any of this, the Pacific coast offered up Puerto Vallarta. Though prices in PV have risen in recent years, the market is still worth checking out for both living and investing.

LIOS contributor Sasha Savinov is a digital nomad currently stationed in Puerto Vallarta. He wrote a …

Pre Construction Opportunities On The Costa Canuva, Mexico

mexico beach with boats

From the Caribbean to the Pacific coast… lakeside retreat to colonial town… Mexico throws up such a diverse range of lifestyle options that it can be hard to know where to begin your search.

But, when you’re watching things with an investment eye, there’s one way to simplify things in this country.


Introducing Durango: Bargain Real Estate In Authentic Mexico

Durango Mexico

Durango is my favorite for full-time city living in Mexico. I consider it my most exciting personal find of the past few years. You might find that surprising, as you’ve likely never heard it mentioned as an expat destination.

And in fact, it’s not an expat destination… it’s a large, sophisticated city—with great weather and a high standard of living—that’s still relatively undiscovered by the expat forces.

If there’s such a thing as the “real, unadulterated Mexico,” then Durango

3 Prime Property Locations On Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula

Quintana Roo bay, Mexico

Authentic Traditional, Tourist Beach, Or Culture Capital? 3 Of Mexico’s Top Investment Opportunities

With growing real estate opportunities and booming tourism, Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula is becoming a true hot spot for overseas investors. Campeche, Yucatán, and Quintana Roo are three popular destinations worth considering.

To understand the advantages and disadvantages of investing in these areas, here’s a breakdown of these three unique Mexican states and their offerings.

3 Unique Properties For Investing In Mexico’s Riviera Maya

mexico riviera maya beach with palm trees and clear blue waters

Mexican vacation rentals have been booming over the past few years with the growing demand for more personal experiences, rather than a typical, all-inclusive resort stay. In fact, vacation rentals in the Mexican Caribbean have increasingly lured Americans and Canadians who’ve realized these properties are a secure way to make a profit.

These investors often dream of Caribbean properties where they can find peace and relaxation, but now they are also realizing unique ways to make a gain in their retirement.

It’s time for you to take a good, hard look at Mexico, and specifically consider investing in a property in the Riviera Maya—Mexico’s top tourist destination. Need a little more convincing? Let’s look at the numbers. …