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The Best Real Estate In The Dominican Republic

Las Terrenas beach, Samana peninsula, Dominican Republic.

Sophisticated Caribbean—Your Second Home In The Sun From US$70,000

If you dream of white sands, turquoise waters, and year-round sunshine… but crossed the Caribbean off your list because you thought it was beyond your budget… then it’s time to revisit your plan…

We’ve talked about affordable Caribbean options here before—like …

Amazing Real Estate Offer In Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

View from swimming pool out to the Caribbean in Las Lerrenas, Dominican Republic

What’s standing between you and your second home, retirement home, or investment property overseas?

Is it time? If you’re still tied to a 9-to-5 career, five days a week, it’s hard to fit in a trip to the grocery store let alone a scouting trip overseas…

Money? If you’re torn between a number of destinations overseas, booking multiple flights and accommodation means your finances will take a hit—maybe that precious stash you want to keep for your new life overseas.

Overwhelmed? Even when you have an idea of the country or region you’d like to make a move in, it can be hard to know where to start… or, more importantly, who you can trust.

If any of these issues are eating at you right now, I may have a

Montserrat II In Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

dominican republic

Low Cost Of Entry And Double-Digit Yields On This White-Sand Coast—My Current Favorite Buy In The Caribbean

Plus: A Good Choice For Pacific Beachfront
March 17, 2015
Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

Dear Overseas Property Alert Reader,

My first insight into the current opportunity for rental yield in the Dominican Republic coastal town of Las Terennas came when I tried to book a hotel for my visit a few weeks ago. I was traveling to the island during Carnaval but had confirmed with contacts on the ground that Carnaval isn’t anything near as big a deal in the D.R. as it is in Brazil or even Panama.

Still, I had to spend the weekend in capital city Santo Domingo because I couldn’t find an available room anywhere in Las Terrenas. Finding a place in Las Terrenas for the rest of the week was a challenge.

I was traveling during high season, but I’ve heard similar stories from others. Bottom line, the supply of rentals (both long- and short-term) hasn’t kept up with demand in this resort town on the country’s northeast coast.

Growing Interest In Euro-Influenced Las Terrenas

Las Terrenas is an established and popular destination among European expats, especially the French. You see the impact of this in …

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What Fees And Transaction Costs Go Into Buying Real Estate?

Woman looking for house on real estate market website

Before you roll your eyes and yawn, I fully understand that an article about transaction costs is not enticing. However, if you want to buy property overseas, you need to understand the associated costs before you fall in love with the perfect place in a foreign country.

Many people looking to buy foreign real estate get swept up in the dream of owning property overseas—a beachfront retirement, a mountain escape rental property, a European second home. But their musings rarely extend beyond asking, “How much is the purchase price?”

While the purchase price is one of the most important factors in this equation, the value of your financial commitment depends upon a myriad of other expenses that can vary tremendously from country to country.

Without further ado, drumroll please… here’s a basic breakdown of the transaction costs you may encounter and …

5 Best Options For Financing Property Overseas

View of the most beautiful lake in Italy, Lago di Como

5 Ways To Fund Your Overseas Property Buy

How can you fund the purchase of your second home or investment property in a foreign country?

First, you need to figure how much capital you have available to invest. If you don’t know this number already, take time right now to do the math. (Sorry, you’re on your own for this bit.)

Second, you should look at the kind of financing or purchase terms that might be available to you.

The bad news is, in much of the rest of the world, it’s not possible for a foreigner to borrow money locally to buy real estate. No bank will lend to you…

And, in places where it is possible for a foreigner to get a mortgage, you won’t find the terms as user-friendly as they tend to be in the United States.

Coastal Properties


Owning a coastal property near a body of water is a dream shared by many. Whether you live on an island, or near a lake, or close to a larger sea or ocean, there’s something about the sight and sound of water that soothes the soul and brings a feeling of peace.

Most people believe coastal living is just too expensive to consider, especially in retirement. However, there are many cost-effective options to choose from, if you know where to look. Once you have decided to focus on finding a coastal property, you need to determine what type of environment suits you best.

Some Of The Coastal Properties You Might Choose From Include:

  • Touristy resort towns with lots of amenities, large expat communities, international dining options, and easy access
  • Small fishing villages where you can blend in with the local residents and soak up their culture
  • Cozy beach towns with friendly locals, family-owned shops and restaurants, and a more laid-back vibe
  • Colonial cities featuring some of the oldest historic centers, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and centuries-old architecture
  • Surf destinations and hippy villages with rustic beauty and energetic nightlife activities, or
  • Boating destinations where you can rent a slip in a marina or drop anchor near land.

Some people don’t want to live directly on a beach for a variety of reasons, so an ocean-view residence can be a better option. Just being near water grants you access to many forms of water sports, beautiful vistas, amazing sunrises and sunsets, and a water-based lifestyle.

Several of our favorite coastal properties feature historic port towns, tropical paradises, or the charm of old European culture in Latin American locations such as Mexico, Panama, Belize, Colombia, and Brazil and European gems like Portugal, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Northern Cyprus, and more. One of these options is sure to suit your coastal needs.

Boat Beach Playa Boca Chica

The Easy Life In Boca Chica, Southwestern Panama

Ocean Hideaways In Panama From US$53,500 “Could you really disappear… and never get caught by the KGB… or FBI?” I’d paused an episode of The …

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panamas tourism

Panama’s Tourism Industry Is Changing And You Can Profit From It

Panama And The Rise Of The “Whole House” Experience As the long season of COVID-19 wanes, everyone worldwide seems ready to get back traveling. Booking …

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Las Terrenas beach, Samana peninsula, Dominican Republic.

The Best Real Estate In The Dominican Republic

Sophisticated Caribbean—Your Second Home In The Sun From US$70,000 If you dream of white sands, turquoise waters, and year-round sunshine… but crossed the Caribbean off …

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Azuero Peninsula

Exploring The Azuero Peninsula, Panama: Central America’s Best Kept Secret

If you’re an ocean lover, it’s hard to beat a home on the Pacific. Imagine waking each day to a view of dramatic coastline and …

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Fortaleza, Ceara State, Brazil

Investing In Brazil Should Be Your Next Move, Here’s Why

My colleague Kat Kalashian recently wrote about the many benefits of living near water… A few years back, Kat realized that, wherever in the world she …

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Dream Homes That Will Have You Sold On Northern Cyprus

Ever dream of living on a quiet island in the middle of the Mediterranean? Not many places still offer this dream lifestyle, but I can …

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View of a bridge extending out across the water towards the lush island of Itamaraca, Brazil

Affordable Beachfront Condos On Brazil’s Itamaracá Island

If you like the idea of beachfront living on a tropical island, then this is about the best value you’ll find. And given that I …

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Colonial Style Buildings in the Coastal City of Olinda Brazil

3 Top Coastal Colonial Cities Offering Fun, Sun, And Property

Most of us think of colonial cities as being situated in the highlands… not on the ocean. In fact, when we talk about various lifestyles …

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