The Top Places To Buy A House Abroad

Praia da Luz, beach and village resort in Portugal's Algarve

How To Swap Your Home For A Mansion

The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis just announced that the median house price in the United States is US$440,000.

This isn’t because all Americans live in mansions, as US$440,000 just gets you the average American house.

That’s not beachfront. Nor is it a huge house in a gated community.

It seems crazy to me to pay all that money for a house and not be living in the lap of luxury. Why are houses in the States so expensive?

The issue isn’t a lack of natural resources and cutting-edge construction technology. The U.S. building industry is advanced.

Overpriced housing exists because of a combination of inflation, developers, speculators, and bad city planning practices.

Bear in mind that US$440,000 is the median price in the whole country. The median price in states like California or New York is …

Discover A Laid-Back Life In Argentina, The Perfect Expat Haven

Grass against flowing river during summer season in Cordoba, Argentina

Could This Be The Most “Chill” Place In South America?

From dental appointments to haircuts to passport renewals for the kids, I let a lot slide over the past 18 months.

But procrastination time is over…

This week we got a note about a school trip to Barcelona. It was just the trigger I needed. The pandemic cloud lifted. And, later today, we’ll be off to get new mugshots to send to the passport office. Not just so my eldest son can go on his school tour, but so we can take a long overdue family trip next year.

Influenced by meme culture, the kids are tossing around ideas about Japan and Russia. But, if I could choose anywhere in …

4 Interesting Overseas Alternatives To Living In Paris

valetta in malta aerial view

When I covered the Paris property market a couple of months ago, I promised you I’d follow up with some “Paris alternatives”…

I’m not claiming that any of these places can compete with every single thing that the City of Light has to offer. But all of my picks have a colorful history and plenty of culture for the visitor or …

A Guide To Property In Bohemian Palermo, Buenos Aires

A street scene in Palermo, Buenos Aires

For its striking architecture, deep history, and cultural sophistication, Buenos Aires has long been touted as “the Paris of South America.”

Today, though, thanks to worldwide media coverage, it’s even easier to draw comparisons between the gilets jaunesdisrupting the flow of business in The City of Light… and angry porteños taking to the streets in the name of educational reform, women’s rights, budget cuts (the list goes on)…

Remember, though, that neither of these cities is a war zone.

Beyond the scenes you see on TV, life continues as normal… as Colin Noden, who recently spent time scouting property in Buenos Aires, reports today.

I won’t spoil what Colin has in store for you below… but—be warned—the area he talks about today is a sought-after neighborhood in B.A. In other words, it doesn’t come cheap. Then again, we’re not talking Parisian price tags, either…

Over to Colin… …

The Best Neighborhoods For Expats To Buy In Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires Plaza

Buenos Aires is, without a doubt, one of the most cosmopolitan cities I’ve visited. Although most surnames are Spanish or Italian, the local populous is in fact quite diverse, which is reflected in the city’s culture and vibe.

The food is eclectic and much more varied than you’ll find elsewhere in Argentina, as is the music. The city is fashion-forward (and sometimes sideways). There is a strong …

An Overview Of The Real Estate Market In Mendoza, Argentina

View across the city of Mendoza, Argentina. Mountains in the background.

Located in western Argentina, Mendoza lies in the foothills of the Andes and receives rave reviews from those who visit. The area produces a variety of agricultural products, but it’s undoubtedly best known for its wines, especially dry reds. If you enjoy a glass of Malbec or Cabernet Sauvignon, you’ve likely had a taste of Mendoza already.

In part because of the many bodegas (wineries) here, tourism constitutes a large and growing portion of the economy. Tourism is fueled not only by wines, but also by a rich culinary scene, outdoor activities, lovely scenery, and mountain climate. Foreigners flock here in the summer (roughly December through February), and Argentinians come year-round. …

Your Own Vineyard in Argentina’s Los Arbolitos For Under US$50K

vineyard los arbolitos

Profit From Your Own Wine Vineyard For Less Than US$50K

We’ve been touting yield-generating hard assets, specifically agricultural land, for a little over four years now. In addition to providing investors with cash flow from harvests (in some cases, within nine months after their initial investment) and capital appreciation, productive land also provides you with asset protection and a hedge against inflation.

And with the emergence of turnkey farm operations, individual investors can earn hassle-free yields without a huge capital outlay.

For all of these reasons, turnkey agriculture offerings have become extremely popular investments. Many of our readers have begun to diversify their real estate portfolios into agriculture, investing in everything from fruit trees (mangos, limes, and avocados) to timber (teak, acacia, and eucalyptus).

The question about agriculture I get most frequently is, “What other agriculture investments do you have?”

Like all savvy investors, they want to add another layer of diversification to …