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How To Buy Property In Belize: A Guide For Future Expats

Aerial drone view of Tobacco Caye small Caribbean island with palm trees and bungalows in the Belize Barrier Reef

How To Buy Property Overseas: Our Belize Guide

Belize is a small country, but it has an amazing range of property options on offer… stunning Caribbean islands, beaches on the mainland in Corozal, Toledo, and Stann Creek districts, nature-rich riverfront homes, and farms, jungles, and cooler mountain properties, too.

Aside from figuring out where in this country you want to buy property, you should also understand the buying procedures in Belizeand the potential pitfalls.

Today I am introducing you to the property purchase process in Belize.

Private Developments Vs. Local Living

Some people want the familiarity, convenience, and community of a residential subdivision like Carmelita Gardens in the Cayo district. Others find the idea of living in a planned community claustrophobic.

I’m of mixed opinion. To have rules forced upon me at home when I’m not breaking any law goes against my feeling that my home is my castle. However, there are few zoning laws in Belize. Who’s to say that my neighbor won’t open a nightclub or mechanics garage in their yard tomorrow?

Buying property in a planned expat community nearly always costs more than buying in the local community, and it usually has annual HOA fees attached. It also provides …

Luxurious Self-Sufficient Living In Belize Won’t Be A Bargain Forever

A luxurious house in Carmelita Gardens, Belize

Last Chance To Buy In Paradise Before The Price Increase:
Prices Going Up $4,000 On Jan. 1.

The part of my job I enjoy most is bringing you exclusive property tips and deals.When we find a diamond in the rubble of real estate offerings we bring it straight to you.Lucky for me today is one of those days…I’m delighted to announce some exciting news.It’s a guaranteed US$4,000 price increase in one of the fastest-selling developments in this entire country… But you have only four weeks to lock yourself in at the original lower price.I’m skeptical when someone in the real estate business tries to sell me on any “guaranteed” tip. Yet here I am telling you of a “guaranteed” US$4,000 price jump you can position yourself to benefit from today.I’ve known the developer for a decade, and he told me that he’s raising prices on all lots on Jan. 1. Because of his long history with Live And Invest Overseas, the developer is giving you one last opportunity to get in at the old price.The lot prices are increasing due to rising land prices in this gem of a country, and because of skyrocketing …

What The Future In Belize Looks Like: The Booming Real Estate Market

home in Placencia, Belize.

In recent weeks, I’ve shared updates from our top real estate markets—from Portugal to Brazil, Panama to Colombia.

Today, it’s the turn of Belize…

You don’t hear much from this little Caribbean nation in the mainstream media. So it’s over to Belize Correspondent Phil Hahn to give us the scoop on how Belize has been faring in the face of a global pandemic…

Lynn Mulvihill

Editor, Overseas Property Alert

The News From Belize Today Is… “No Worries, Mon”
By Phil Hahn in Cayo, Belize

More than ever, people are asking, “What does the future look like?”

In Belize it looks appealingly like the past. A past when the quality of life in small, tight-knit communities was treasured. A time when people didn’t live to …

How To Plan Out Your Real Estate Investment In Belize

Grand Baymen gardens in Belize

Almost everyone has a mental image of what their dream retirement home or vacation home should look like.

This image often includes swaying palms, crystal-clear warm waters, and white sandy beaches. Throw in fishing, great food, and a funky Caribbean town, and you’ve got a picture-perfect retirement or second-home destination.

This is exactly why Belize is so popular. It’s one of the few affordable destinations that fit that image perfectly. And despite being a Caribbean destination, it doesn’t come with mainstream Caribbean …

Eco-Friendly Home For Sale In Belize’s Cayo District At Huge Discount

casa del rio

Just after last week’s issue on eco-friendly homes hit your inbox, one of our developer contacts shot me over a special “green home” opportunity that was just too good not to share…

If Belize is on your radar, or you’re looking for a more traditional way of life, surrounded by the best of nature (although, I won’t lie—this home has all the trappings of luxury living), then this may be a match for you…

The home is in move-in condition—you’ll have no wait time for building. …

How Belize Banking Is Different To The Rest Of Latin America

Businessman shaking hand with a young couple in office. Bank agent and his client shaking hands in conference room. Happy smiling couple seal a deal with their personal financial advisor.

You’ve found the perfect overseas property and now you need the funds to buy it.

Obtaining a mortgage in Central America can be a tricky and tiresome process. Ask anyone who’s tried it.

But the industry is maturing, especially in Belize, a relative newcomer to international banking whose industry only began in 1996. Panama is the 800-pound banking gorilla in the region and has been for many years, but it doesn’t provide mortgages to North Americans buying property outside of Panama.

Affordable Belize Vacation Homes At Baymen Gardens

A View of Mazatlan, Mexico

Plus: How Can You Get A Decent ROI With All Those taxes?

Almost everyone has a mental image of what their dream retirement home or vacation home could look like. And this image often includes swaying palms, crystal-clear warm waters, and white sandy beaches. Throw in sportfishing, great food, and a funky Caribbean town, and you’ve got a picture-perfect retirement or second-home destination.

This is exactly why Belize is so popular… it’s one of the few affordable destinations that fit that image perfectly. We hold a Live and Invest in Belize event each year, and it’s the only one of our events where we have to run two conferences—back to back—in order to accommodate everyone who wants to go.

Belize is a Caribbean destination that doesn’t come with …

Investing In Belize Beachfront Property

Investing In Belize Beachfront Property
Plus: Buying In Lagos, Portugal

San Pedro Town, Belize

The properties in this report are priced in U.S. dollars

Belize is at the top of the list for anyone who dreams of clear, warm waters, swaying palms, sport-fishing, and white sandy beaches. It’s a well-recognized destination among North American mainstream travelers.

Belize is a also big player in the ecotourism market, and ranked as world-class for diving and snorkeling. The barrier reef here is second in size only to the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia.

It’s a Caribbean destination that’s inexpensive when compared to most everything else in the Caribbean, so it draws more than just the high-end traveler.

We’ve been tracking an oceanfront project in Belize for more than a year, waiting for it to come to market. It’s a one-of-a-kind beachfront project in the British colonial style… one that’s reminiscent of Belize’s colonial past.

It’s a limited-inventory opportunity to invest in Belize for capital gain, earn an income from the property, or even …

Belize: 25% Off And 0% Financing In The Cayo District

belize river carmelita
Plus: The Dangers Of Tenants’ Rights Abroad

March 31, 2015
San Ignacio, Belize


Dear Overseas Property Alert Reader,

Our Cessna 208 Caravan lifted off the runway at San Pedro Town into the morning sky. Its single turboprop engine pulled our six passengers away from the sunny beaches of Ambergris Caye and out over the turquoise Caribbean. The pilot banked and headed west…

I’m in Belize this week with fellow writer Rob Carry to get to know a country that’s high on the list of retirement havens for North Americans thanks to its easy residency, friendly banking laws, magnificent beaches, and unparalleled snorkeling and diving.

But, today, we left the beaches behind to check out the other side of Belize—the Cayo District. (In Belize, a district is a geopolitical division, like a state or province.) Cayo is Belize’s heartland and is known for Mayan ruins, broad, lazy rivers, thick jungles, and large expanses of farmland.

For the active, Cayo offers canoeing, zip lining, cave tubing, and horseback riding, not to mention the exploration of several hidden waterfalls and …