Luxurious Self-Sufficient Living In Belize Won’t Be A Bargain Forever

A luxurious house in Carmelita Gardens, Belize

Last Chance To Buy In Paradise Before The Price Increase:
Prices Going Up $4,000 On Jan. 1.

The part of my job I enjoy most is bringing you exclusive property tips and deals.When we find a diamond in the rubble of real estate offerings we bring it straight to you.Lucky for me today is one of those days…I’m delighted to announce some exciting news.It’s a guaranteed US$4,000 price increase in one of the fastest-selling developments in this entire country… But you have only four weeks to lock yourself in at the original lower price.I’m skeptical when someone in the real estate business tries to sell me on any “guaranteed” tip. Yet here I am telling you of a “guaranteed” US$4,000 price jump you can position yourself to benefit from today.I’ve known the developer for a decade, and he told me that he’s raising prices on all lots on Jan. 1. Because of his long history with Live And Invest Overseas, the developer is giving you one last opportunity to get in at the old price.The lot prices are increasing due to rising land prices in this gem of a country, and because of skyrocketing demand for this community. The community’s philosophy resonates with everyone who discovers this enclave of happy, independent-minded adventurers.

Where Is This Booming Development?

After a year suffering under lockdowns, buyers are flocking to this pioneering off-grid eco-community in the English-speaking Central American paradise of Belize.Buyers are coming for fun, freedom, and safety in the tropical sunshine where no one tells you how to live your life.Lot sales in this community are up 370% this year, and the speed of sales continues to increase.Belize has it all and according to expats, this development is the best place in Belize to be.If you’ve been dreaming of escaping your job for a life of adventure or if you’re just interested in a simpler, healthier, freer lifestyle in paradise, the time to act is now.

Why Does Everyone Want To Move To This Magical Community By The River?

This development boasts a community of like-minded folks living the dream on the tropical banks of the beautiful Belize River.They don’t do much talking about politics, religion, or personal health choices. They do spend a lot of time helping each other out, socializing, and shooting the breeze.  A tight-knit community of independent-minded residents, gardens, and a place of warm welcome for all newcomers, this community is the opposite of most modern developments.Here your neighbors care about your wellbeing, support each other, and respect each other’s decisions and individuality.Conservative or liberal, black or white, retired or with young families, the community members are as diverse as they are welcoming.The only things that might start a heated discussion are who gets to host the next barbecue or how many beers to take river tubing.Nestled halfway between the bustling market town of San Ignacio and the modern Mennonite settlement of Spanish Lookout, this stunning riverfront community is the perfect location for reflection and solitude.Spanish Lookout is the industrial and commercial center of mainland Belize and any material, hardware, or craft work you need done is close by.Located next to my old stomping ground in Cayo, this slice of paradise offers everyone who moves here a simpler and more wholesome way of life.

What It’s Like To Live In A Sustainable Community?

There’s a sense of satisfaction that comes from living in a sustainable community. I’m not talking about eco-posturing and having a superior attitude because your lifestyle is more sustainable and better for the environment. This community thankfully hasn’t been afflicted with those types of members. The satisfaction I’m talking about is knowing that whatever happens, be it power cuts or natural disasters, your home and family will remain safe and taken care of, with all the power you need.You don’t need to be an off-grid construction expert to build a home here either.The community offers turn-key housing construction on-site to suit all requirements.Tiny houses to mansions… the choice is yours… but all are off-grid and offer luxurious self-sufficient living.Modern solar systems power air conditioning if you need it. I always preferred the cooling breezes that blow up from the river.With nearly 30 full-time residents, several homes under construction, and new homeowners waiting for their homes to be built, this development has reached a critical mass in its progression.With an active and engaged community and newcomers arriving monthly with fresh ideas, the development is moving at a pace it has never experienced before. The Home Owners Association organizes and manages the community’s daily operations. You can be as involved or passive as you wish.New beautification projects and amenities are decided by residents and funded by a portion of every lot sale. Communal fruit trees dot the landscape, their exotic treasures free for picking. The developer is busy selling lots to the lines of buyers arriving weekly, and is delighted that the residents now decide the day-to-day matters of the community.

Other Benefits Of Living Here Include:

  • Peace and quiet and a back-to-the-basics lifestyle.
  • Located at the junction of two mystical rivers.
  • Next to a quaint village but close to a larger town.
  • Cycle to town (over a cable bridge) or drive.
  • Spectacular wildlife.
  • Grow your own food or medicines if you wish.
  • Low cost of living, including household help.
  • English is the official language.
  • Easy residency options.
  • Horseback riding.
  • Daily river swims.

There are stores in the nearby village that provide the basics. For everything else there are farmers markets, supermarkets, butchers, bakeries, hardware stores, and restaurants in San Ignacio and Spanish Lookout just 7 miles away in both directions.Turn-key cottage construction packages with off-grid utility systems including solar power, rainwater collection, backup generator power, and high speed internet access start at less than US$100,000. Some residents live here year-round and others come and go as they please, renting out their homes in the meantime for extra traveling money.

Is Now A Good Time To Buy?

The time has come for this vibrant community to enter its next phase of development with over half the house lots having sold… And it could be your time to capitalize on years of hard work by the residents and development team.On Jan. 1, the smallest lots will increase from US$35,000 to US$39,000—an overnight value jump of more than 11%.Even if you aren’t ready to pack your bags today there are many reasons to act now…

  • To secure your lot before this US$4,000 price increase in just four weeks.
  • Instant offshore asset diversification that you don’t have to report to the IRS.
  • A tangible asset in a desirable, safe, and beautiful location.
  • A Plan B property that you can sell, trade, or retreat to in times of turmoil.
  • The option to build your own home when you wish.
  • A legacy investment for your heirs.
  • With the fast pace of sales, lots will start to sell out and lot prices will continue to climb into the future.

What’s more, you’ll get membership in a welcoming community of independent, freedom-loving, live-and-let-live neighbors.Offer deadline—This opportunity expires at midnight on Dec. 31.Click here to reserve your place in paradise before prices increase.I hope you can imagine yourself sipping a refreshing drink and watching the Belize river meander by while you bask in the soothing roar of Mother Nature.To your continued overseas property adventure…Join me next week for more insider tips.Con MurphyEditor, Overseas Property Alert

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