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The Top Places To Buy A House Abroad

Praia da Luz, beach and village resort in Portugal's Algarve

How To Swap Your Home For A Mansion

The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis just announced that the median house price in the United States is US$440,000.

This isn’t because all Americans live in mansions, as US$440,000 just gets you the average American house.

That’s not beachfront. Nor is it a huge house in a gated community.

It seems crazy to me to pay all that money for a house and not be living in the lap of luxury. Why are houses in the States so expensive?

The issue isn’t a lack of natural resources and cutting-edge construction technology. The U.S. building industry is advanced.

Overpriced housing exists because of a combination of inflation, developers, speculators, and bad city planning practices.

Bear in mind that US$440,000 is the median price in the whole country. The median price in states like California or New York is …

How To Retire On A Budget But Live Like Royalty

View of the hills and Tuscan countryside over the medieval hilltop village of San Gimignano, Italy.

Own A French Village For Just $26,500

For the price of a mid-range car, you can own a village in Europe.

Somewhere that offers peace, solitude, and time to contemplate the important things in life.

I’m not talking about some ancient ruins on the Siberian tundra…

I’m talking about charming villages in romantic locations around the world that are desperate to be saved from dereliction.

A historical hamlet entirely your own…

If you’re willing to put in the work, fabulous renovation projects are available to you right now…


  • Paul Mappley and Yip Ward bought the hamlet of La Busliere for 1/14th of the price of an average home in their home county of Kent.

Living In A Castle Like A King Or Queen Is Possible And Affordable

Restored medieval Golubac castle in Djerdap gorge in Serbia

Live Like Royalty In Your Own European Castle For Less Than You Think

In 1604, Sir Edward Coke wrote, “The house of every one is to him as his Castle and Fortress as well for defence against injury and violence, as for his repose.”

Nowadays, we paraphrase this to: “Everyman’s home is his castle.”

Your current home might be your castle… but did you know that it’s fully possible for a castle to be your home?

And you don’t have to be as rich as royalty to own one.

Right now, castles are for sale all over Europe. Some are fabulous, some are practical, some are nothing more than piles of ruins, but all of them are steeped in history and character.

Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany
Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany is probably out of your price range…

Like many, I dreamed of owning a castle as a child. It’s certainly a romantic notion, but there are realities of castle living you should be aware of before taking the plunge…


Castle prices vary hugely, affected by size, location, state of repair, general real estate prices, and many other factors.

Castles in cities are more in demand, but remote towns and villages offer better prices. For the best deal, go to places where the government or private owners can’t afford to …

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Making Money From Truffles, A Premium Investment

Black truffles in a table

Ancient, God-Given Delight Offers Heavenly Returns

Plutarch believed it was seeded by thunderbolts hurled by Zeus…

The Romans considered it an aphrodisiac…

First recorded in Neo-Sumerian writings over 4,000 years ago, this elusive delicacy has been prized for millennia.

It’s even more in demand today than ever before.

With the most prime specimens selling for over US$100,000 a pound, you would think big corporations would be rushing into the industry and flooding the market.

But they can’t.

Unlike so many of the world’s most-prized foodstuffs, this delicacy cannot be …

Houseboat Living: Reinvent Your Life For A Fraction Of The Cost

All Aboard For Houseboat Living: Live In Europe For 20 Euros Per Day

This traditional European lifestyle offers an innovative way of living in the most desirable places in Europe for a fraction of the cost of conventional lifestyles.

If you are up for a little adventure and the occasional inconvenience, it could be the perfect option for you…

I have an affection, a nearly childish obsession, with the idea of living on a houseboat. I’m drawn to the itinerant lifestyle it affords…

The U.K., France, Germany, Belgium, and Holland are countries that are best suited for it.

Imagine being able to avail of waterfront accommodation in the most expensive cities in Europe for 20 euros per day. Consider all the places you could discover if you could move your home whenever you wished.

You could cruise forever, exploring every town you passed or stopping to settle for a while whenever you found a place that …

Why Portugal Tops The List For Living Or Investing In Europe

Skyline of Porto, Portugal at sunrise

Why The World Is Hot For Portugal’s Spicy Investments

For six centuries Portugal’s mighty empire dominated European life. Soon after launching its age of discovery, Portugal had an empire encompassing West Africa, Asia, and the Americas, becoming the first de facto world empire.All this bloody conquest was to slake her insatiable thirst for priceless spices from every corner of the globe. People flocked to the banners of the Portuguese empire to enjoy the many benefits of her citizenship.Alas, no empire lasts forever. When Portugal finally relinquished the island of Macau to the Chinese in 1999, the world thought that Portugal’s days of plundering were over.However, a little over two decades after Portugal relinquished the last vestiges of her empire, she is back to her old tricks once again. Portugal is back in the spice game, but this time she’s not looking for cinnamon or saffron. Her eyes are on …

How To Recognize A Good Real Estate Buy In Paris

Rooftops of Paris with view of the Sacre Coeur Basilica in Montmartre and the Trinity Church

In an episode of This American Life recorded back in 2000, writer David Sedaris takes host Ira Glass on a tour of Paris—his adopted home.

Here’s how Glass introduces Sedaris…

“Two years ago, at the age of 41, barely speaking French, David Sedaris moved to Paris. He had no special feelings about France, no particular interest in the French. It would be the same if it’s Korea, he said to me, a sentence that, I think, if the French ever heard that he said it, they would deport him.”

The deeply cynical Sedaris also made a pact with himself to avoid all the usual tourist traps in the city. In pre-smoking-ban France, he says of the Louvre…

“Why come to Paris and go to the one place where you’re not allowed to smoke? As a matter of fact, it’s my goal to be the only …