Cheap Spanish Property In My 5 Favorite Regions

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Spain is a land of rich heritage, beautiful landscapes, delicious cuisine, and vibrant celebrations.

It’s the second-most visited country in the world after France and home to more expats than any other country in Europe. American expats alone number nearly 36,000.

Despite its popularity, Spain remains fantastically affordable… from its overall cost of living to the price of property.

Here’s an overview of my favorite regions—a few of which are off the average tourist’s radar—to illuminate Spain’s lifestyle potential and affordability.

Valencia—The World’s Best Place To Retire Overseas

Valencia is a culturally rich, historically interesting, and accessible city with a beautiful coastline. It was largely overlooked until we named it the #1 place to retire overseas earlier this year.

Valencia is Spain’s third-largest city after Madrid and Barcelona… but it feels much smaller with only 790,000 people in the city limits.
It’s located about midway up Spain’s eastern coastline along the Mediterranean Sea, with some of the finest beaches in southern Europe accessible from the city center. It has warm weather year round, with an average daytime temperature of 70°F.

Valencia offers the chance to embrace a cosmopolitan Continental lifestyle for less than most other European cities… A reasonable overall budget is $2,000 per month.

Valencia Property Pick

Valencia Property Pick

This property is in Gandia on the Valencia Coast, about 40 miles south of Valencia City. Although not in the city proper, Gandia is attractive in its own right, with cultural and historical significance and its own pretty beach.

My property pick is a spacious new-build apartment with two bedrooms and two bathrooms spread out over 84 square meters.

It’s in a low-key resort that has a pool, sunbathing areas, pétanque, a social club, and more, located only minutes from the beach.

Prices start at 197,000 euros ($214,000).

San Sebastián—Culinary Hot Spot With Historic Charm

San Sebastián is a city in Basque Country, an autonomous community in northern Spain.

It’s on the Bay of Biscay, surrounded by lush hillsides with three swimmable and surfable golden beaches in the city center.

Unfolding along a graceful riverfront, it’s a pleasant place to explore on foot, particularly the Old Town, with historic buildings, plazas, and spacious terraces.

San Sebastián’s real claim to fame, however, is its gastronomy.

It’s famous for pintxos (small plates, similar to tapas) and award-winning cuisine. It has the second-most Michelin stars per capita in the world (after Kyoto, Japan).

San Sebastián Property Pick

San sebastian, spain - live and invest overseas

This three-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment is in the heart of San Sebastián’s Old Town, surrounded by the charm and culinary zest of the city’s historic zone.

It’s a penthouse unit with a balcony and views over the iconic Plaza de la Constitución.

It was recently refurbished, and the asking price is 298,000 euros (about $323,000).

The Region Of Murcia—A Southern, Sun-Kissed Paradise

The Region of Murcia is an autonomous community in the southeast of Spain.

It’s famous for a few things:

• Hot, sunny weather, with daily means of 53°F in winter and 79°F in summer, and over 320 days of sunshine per year.

• Mar Menor. Also called the “Spanish Dead Sea,” it’s a saltwater lagoon with exceptionally warm, calm waters and sandy beaches.

• Its charming capital city, also called Murcia, is a small city with an attractive, walkable center and a thriving tapas scene.

• Golf galore. With 17 courses in the region, Murcia is a golfer’s paradise.

Murcia Property Pick

Spain Murcia property - live and invest overseas


My favorite opportunity in Murcia is this luxury resort that’s only a 10-minute drive to Mar Menor.

The resort has a huge range of amenities on-site… from golf, volleyball, and yoga to a beach club, gym, and multi-sport track. It centers around a massive manmade lake for paddleboarding, kayaking, and more.

Villas and apartments are scattered around the lake. One-bedroom units with air-conditioning, an equipped kitchen, and great views start at 200,000 euros (about $217,000).

Get in touch here for more information about this opportunity. SANTA ROSALIA LP

Costa De La Luz—The Dazzling Coast Of Light

The Costa de la Luz is in little-explored southwestern Spain, along the country’s Atlantic coastline.

It’s named the “Coast of Light” for its always-abundant sunshine. Few places get as much sunshine as this region does.

The Costa boasts virgin beaches—soft, golden sands that retain their natural beauty. They have not been marred by overdevelopment (unlike some towns in the Costa del Sol, right next door).

A range of lifestyle options—from historic Cádiz, the centerpiece, to ancient hilltop villages with Moorish architecture, to well-appointed beach towns—are available here.

My favorite beach town is Conil de la Frontera, which has 29 miles of golden sands as well as brilliant whitewashed buildings.

Costa De La Luz Property Pick

Costa de la luz, spain - live and invest overseas


This petite penthouse in Conil de la Frontera lets you make the most of the stunning views over the Atlantic Ocean. It has a colorful rooftop terrace where you can relax and enjoy gentle ocean breezes.

The one-bedroom, one-bathroom unit of 61 square meters is ideal for an individual or couple.

The asking price is 198,000 (about $215,000).

Sevilla—The Heartbeat Of Andalucía

Sevilla is the capital of Andalucía, the autonomous community that includes most of southern Spain.

Its main appeal is its Casco Viejo, the old historic quarter, which dates back 2,200 years and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s a warren of narrow streets that contain jaw-dropping historical sites as well as restaurants, bars, cafés, and boutiques.

Sevilla boasts a lively cultural scene and hosts festivals dedicated to everything from flamenco to livestock, religion to maritime culture throughout the year.

Few places are as lively or atmospheric… In the evenings, Sevillanos come alive, dining, talking, and toasting in plazas and on terraces until late most nights.

Sevilla is a great choice if you’re looking for a mix of cosmopolitan environment and neighborhood feel, as this is a relatively small, manageable city.

Sevilla Property Pick

Sevilla spain - live and invest overseas

This property is your chance to own a piece of history. It’s located next to the Casco Viejo, with classic Spanish Old World views from every window and the balcony.

The apartment has two bedrooms with all-important air conditioning, plus one bathroom, spread out over 79 square meters.

It’s listed at 244,436 British pounds (about $310,000).

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Editor, Overseas Property Alert