The 5 Best Places To Buy Property In Australia

Plus: Finding properties on the non-gringo
beaches of Nicaragua

US$1 equals $1.42 Australian dollars

For North Americans, there’s no better place to ride out the winter than here in Australia.

South East Queensland, with The Gold Coast, The Sunshine Coast, and the regional capital city of Brisbane, is one of the most beautiful areas in Australia. With average daytime maximums around 82ºF and minimums of 68-77ºF, this area attracts visitors from cooler regions in Australia as well as overseas visitors escaping the cold.

Most of these visitors look for privately owned rental properties for their stays.

Beaches are uncrowded, and public parks often offer gym equipment and BBQs. Both public and private swimming pools are everywhere. The atmosphere is casual and laid-back, very friendly.

Also, thanks to a dramatic shift in currency exchange rates, U.S. dollar-holders now have 32% more buying power in Australia than they had just last year.

The countryside and beaches are amazing, and interesting and unique wildlife abound. But there’s one added bonus that Continue reading