Your Only Opportunity To Get The Cheapest Beach Properties In Brazil

Paradise lagoon from above in Jericoacoara, Ceara, Brazil.

A new WhatsApp message dings from my sister in Dubai…

“We camped in the desert last night. Got a new car and lots of camping gear, so we decided to trial it. We slept in a rooftop tent with a great big mattress and had a pop-up tent on the ground with a camping toilet.”

“That’s not real camping,” responds my brother, locked down here in Ireland like me.

In a flash, my sister is back:

“You can’t really camp on the ground here. Some eejit on a quad bike might roll over you in your sleep.”

(To clarify, “eejit” is an Irish version of idiot. Bonus: it’s also an approved Scrabble word.)

My sister had a point.

I love hearing stories of other people’s adventures right now. But when my family gets the chance to break away, it will be for longer…

Something more than one night in a tent. I’m thinking at least three weeks in fully equipped accommodation, preferably by the sea…

In fact, the idea of taking an extended trip is a travel trend that’s predicted for our post-pandemic world

Condé Nast Traveller writes:

“Travellers will probably stay abroad for longer periods and even take exotic sabbaticals, and modest mini-breaks will be swapped for blowout bonanzas.”

Another expected trend cited by Condé Nast is the isolation holiday:

“Plenty of us will be dreaming of breaks in places devoid of crowds. Popular beaches, home-share rentals, large hotels, and busy cities might be low on the wishlist while private villas, boats and boutique hotels, as well as quiet coastal, lakeside, mountain, and rural locations will be scoring high.”

Among the havens we talk about here at Overseas Property Alert—for both living and investing—many fit the bill for a private, tranquil escape.

But today, we’re going to focus on just one…


And, more specifically, its northeast coast.

One of the best Brazil buys right now is in the northeast state of Ceará, along the stretch of coast that runs south from the city of Fortaleza.

Brazil has reverse seasons to the United States, making it an ideal winter escape. But on this northeast coast, you can enjoy warm days any time of the year. Average annual temperature is 79 degrees and the mercury rarely drops below 77.

Business Insider recently wrote:

“Praia do Canoa Quebrada, in northeastern Brazil, is a beach just off of a small fishing village where golden sand dunes slide into blue waters. Sip on fresh agua de coco while sunbathing, go sandboarding in the dunes, or try out windsurfing.”

In other words, while you’re far from the crowds of Rio, there’s still plenty to do around Canoa. After your choice of horseback riding, kitesurfing, boating, or an easy swim, what could be better than winding down at a beachside bar or feasting on fresh seafood from one of the local restaurants…

Maybe doing it all over again next year?

There are few places on earth where this could be possible at such an affordable cost…

But right now, within walking distance of Canoa Quebrada, you can own property for less than US$70,000…

This is a pre-construction opportunity in a new complex of beachfront condos. Not only will you (or your paying guests) be steps from the sand, but you’ll also have direct ocean views from your property… as well as an on-site spa, a wellness center, a pool, and restaurants…

Scheduled for completion in December 2021, each condo is 44 square meters, with one bedroom, one bathroom, and an open-plan living area. Ground-floor units come with private garden space.

Rack rate for one of these pre-construction units is US$77,000. But as an Overseas Property Alert reader, you qualify for an exclusive US$10,000 discount…

That means you can own your own beach escape on this uncrowded coast for just US$67,000.

The developers behind this project know the market… and what vacationers to this area want… which is why their previous releases sold fast.

They cater well to investors, too…

Rental management is available on-site—making this a turn-key package…

Financing is available (with interest-free payments)…

And, buying in here along the path of progress—driven by a strong local market—yields are projected at a 15% net annual return. In cash terms, that’s some US$10,000 in your bank account… every year.

This is a limited release of just 27 units… and word is getting out. Right now, just 18 remain.

If you’d like more information—including floor plans and more photos—get in touch here.

Lynn Mulvihill
Editor, Overseas Property Alert