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Revealing The Best Place To Live In Ireland

Waterford, Ireland. Panoramic view of a cityscape at night

It’s Official… This Is The Best Place To Live In Ireland

Over the summer, 470 places across the island competed for the title of “Best Place To Live In Ireland.”

The winner, announced by The Irish Times this week, is…

Drumroll, please…

My hometown of Waterford City… on the country’s southeast coast.

Waterford City, Ireland

Founded by the Vikings in 914, Waterford is Ireland’s oldest city. Later falling to Norman hands, it has …

5 Properties To Watch On Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way

donegal ireland. beautiful bay

2020 was never meant to be a strong year for the Irish property market. Good news for you, dear foreign property buyer

Remember, long before coronavirus, there was the little matter of Brexit next door. And on Jan. 31, with terms still to be agreed, the U.K. officially walked out of the EU.

Economists had predicted a slow year on the Irish real estate front with a projected house price growth of 1%. Later, once coronavirus was added to the mix, the forecasters claimed that prices would drop anything from 3% to …

A Guide To Property In The Seaside Town Of Tramore, Ireland

Tramore bay and beach, Ireland

Back in 2014, I wrote the following for Overseas Opportunity Letter readers:

For decades, Tramore has been popular with local tourists (especially from Dublin) who flock here for the miles of golden sand and the small-town resort feel. Until fairly recently, though still drawing the crowds every summer, the promenade had a run-down and shabby feel to it. But, recently, in the past two years especially, it’s emerged as a trendy place to hang out. While it’s not the best place to surf in the country (the west gets the best waves), it’s one of the most popular spots along Ireland’s southern shores and has a number of surf schools and its own annual Sand, Sea, and Surf Festival.

And it’s not all about the beach. The town, though just a 10-minute drive from Waterford City, is almost self-sufficient. You have supermarkets, plenty of restaurants and pubs, gym, swimming pools, schools, health services, etc. When you want to escape the crowds of summer, there are quieter beaches close by—it sits just a few minutes from the gateway to the Copper Coast.

One Waterford tech company recently opened its new offices in Tramore, and the founder has a vision for the town to become Ireland’s (if not Europe’s) “Silicon Bay.” That may sound like a stretch. But for Tramore, I’d be watching this space…

The Top Countries To Become Self-Sufficient

A beautiful beach in Faro in southern Portugal

Save More, Live Better: Achieving Self-Sufficiency By Moving Overseas

The cost of home heating is already double what it was a few months ago, and we aren’t even into winter yet.

EU Natural Gas Prices 2022
EU Natural Gas Prices 2022

(Credit: Trading Economics)

Financial advisors tell us to ride out the coming economic turbulence by cutting back and consuming less… even turning down the thermostat this winter until you can see …

Buying Real Estate In Portugal: A Step-By-Step Guide

Azenhas do Mar Seaside Town in Sintra, Portugal

How To Buy Property Overseas: Our Portugal Guide

Portugal has been my top all-around destination choice for both lifestyle and real estate investment for the past several years.

It has an awful lot going for it as a country.

More sunshine than California, a low cost of living, and rich history and culture. Portugal also has excellent health care, low crime, and is safe and …