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Historic town of Perast at Bay of Kotor in summer, Montenegro

Veteran overseas property investor Lee Harrison just released the latest edition of his annual 28-market property survey.

This release presents his selection of the world’s eight best and most affordable beach property markets.

Why The Focus On Beach Property?

Because ocean views are undeniably appealing, and walking out of your back door and onto soft sands with crashing waves is a dream for many.

Beach property is highly coveted and limited in supply. Because of this, it’s usually prohibitively expensive—the most expensive property on the market in most cases.

Take a look at average prices in some of the United States’ most popular beach towns…

In Cannon Beach, Oregon, beach property costs $629 per square foot… In South Beach, Florida, it’s $738 per square foot… and in Laguna Beach, California, it costs a whopping $1,805 per square foot.

Lee’s report presents eight international markets where you can buy beach property for between $1,953 and $3,476 per square meter (or $181 and $323 per square foot).

This is an enormous savings on your beach property dreams compared to U.S. prices.

What Are Lee’s 8 Most Affordable Beach Properties?

Lee’s full report, which analyzes 28 global markets over several years, is an exclusive benefit of Global Property Advisor Membership.

Without giving too much away, however, I want to shine the spotlight on one extra-special market on his list…

Why Montenegro Needs To Be On Your Radar

Coming in at #7 is Montenegro, a tiny country just east of Italy that has towering mountains, historical charm as well as modern glitz, and a long, sparkling stretch of coastline on the Mediterranean Sea.

Montenegro is on my radar right now as I gear up to host the Access Montenegro Workshop on May 2.

This online workshop is designed to give you an overview of everything you need to know to set up life or make an investment in Montenegro.

It condenses months worth of research and effort into a one-day, information-packed seminar with resources (contact information for presenters, for instance) that you can keep.

Click here for more information or to reserve your place at the event at a discount now.

Lee’s property survey reveals that beach property in Kotor Bay, the most beautiful, best-appointed stretch of coastline in Montenegro, costs $3,393 per square meter ($315 per square foot).

It’s important to note that actual beachfront is limited in Kotor Bay because of its geography. It’s surrounded by steep mountains that plunge directly into the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic, shaving off any flat land or beach space.

Ocean views abound in Kotor Bay, but a home that’s actually on the water is extremely rare…

Lee’s report presents a unique pre-construction opportunity for a luxury apartment complex that’s directly on the seafront.

Prices are still at pre-launch levels, starting from 271,118 euros (about $289,620), with developer financing available. Depending on which unit you choose, annual net ROIs are projected to range from 7.7% to 8.3%.

You can find out more about this investment opportunity at the Access Montenegro Workshop.

“28 By 2028” And Potentially Massive Appreciation

Again, Montenegro came in seventh in Lee’s report, which emphasizes affordability above all.

While affordability is important, there’s another story at play in Montenegro that price alone can’t tell.

Montenegro is on the brink of joining the European Union, which has the potential to boost property values way beyond their current levels.

In other words, any investment you make now is almost guaranteed to appreciate significantly in just a few years.

That’s what happened in Dubrovnik, Croatia, which is right next door. Property values skyrocketed when Croatia joined the EU in 2013.

Today, Dubrovnik’s property prices are extortionate, at $4,440 per square meter ($412 per square foot)—about 27% more than Kotor Bay’s current prices.

Dubrovnik is only 45 miles (72 kms) from Kotor Bay, and it offers much of the same appeal… although its scenery is less spectacular.

Kotor Bay’s property prices should rise to at least match Dubrovnik’s when it joins the EU… maybe they’ll even go beyond Dubrovnik’s prices.

Property owners might only have to wait four years for a big boost in value…

Montenegro just elected a young, ambitious new prime minister—Milojko Spajic, who’s only 36 years old.

He launched the “28 by 2028” campaign and is taking measures to make Montenegro the 28th member of the EU by 2028.

A Golden Opportunity… For Now

Another attribute to add to Montenegro’s list is that it operates a unique invest-for-residency program whereby buying property qualifies you for Montenegro residency.

The property that you buy to qualify can be of any value… and few limits are imposed on investors.

This is a stark contrast to Europe’s few remaining golden visa programs.

Greece’s golden visa program used to stand out for its low prices, but it recently increased the investment thresholds to 400,000 or 800,000 euros (depending on where you buy).

Spain was another popular choice for golden visa investors, but it’s going the way of Portugal and Ireland and will soon eliminate property investment from its golden visa for good.

Montenegro has affordable property across the country, including its beach markets, so residency doesn’t have to cost you.

For the 271,118-euro ($289,620) luxury seafront apartment complex that Lee includes in his report, for example, you could gain all of the following:

· Annual net ROIs projected to range from 7.7% to 8.3%

· Potentially massive capital appreciation in just four years

· Montenegro residency

· EU residency… and maybe even citizenship.

Again, Montenegro is on track to join the EU by 2028, so Montenegro residency could become a whole lot more valuable just four years from now.

That said, it’s well-noted that the European Commission disapproves of invest-for-residency programs, and as Greece, Portugal, Ireland, and Spain prove, they’re becoming increasingly harder to access…

Montenegro may consider changing the rules of its golden visa option or eliminating it altogether as it seeks to appear perfect in the eyes of the European Commission.

You should act quickly if you’re interested in Montenegro—whether for affordable beach property, potential capital appreciation, or residency.

The opportunity won’t stay this good forever.

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