San Telmo: Best Area For Property Investment In Buenos Aires

Find Real Character In Buenos Aires’ Oldest Neighborhood

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“This is the soul of Buenos Aires,” the cab driver assured me in his heavily Italian-accented Spanish, “…the heart of Argentina.” Out of metaphors, he stopped the cab at Calle Defensa in the old San Telmo district of Buenos Aires, and I ventured down the street into the brilliant Sunday afternoon sunshine.

And the driver had a point. The city of Buenos Aires enjoys the well-deserved reputation of being the “Paris of South America” and is clearly a world apart from most anything else you’ll see on this continent. Rich in culture, the arts, and history, Buenos Aires is a gem, offering endless fine dining, excellent wines, theater, and, of course, tango.

Buenos Aires is easily the most European city in South America but has its own strong identity, with over 450 years of history and culture behind it. It enjoys four distinct seasons but has no extreme weather and no ice or snow. Continue reading