One Piece Of Sound Advice For The Property Buyer

One Piece Of Sound Advice For The Property Buyer
Plus: “What Is Lee Harrison Smokin’?”

I bought my first overseas property almost 14 years ago. Since then, properties have financed a good portion of my retirement. They also make up more than half of my income.

Perhaps more importantly, I’ve also been able to live in some fascinating and enjoyable places along the way.

I developed and honed my property-buying skills over those 14 years while spending literally tens of thousands of dollars in travel costs.

I worked with some great real estate agents…as well as some crooks and scammers. Most didn’t speak English.

Eventually, it worked. I’m good at this now.

While my means of getting there is not for the faint of heart, it’s definitely one approach you can take.

But let me to give you some sound advice. There’s a better way to go about it.

And it deserves very serious consideration for anyone who’s considering buying a property abroad or who wants to see what their options are, quickly and efficiently.

Join me at the Global Property Summit, March 18–20, 2015, in Panama City.

Let me spare you the sales pitch and get to the point.

We’ve put together a three-day event—the only event of its kind planned for 2015—that brings property experts from around the world together in one place at the same time.

And here’s what they bring to the party:

  • A broad selection of individual lots, houses, condos, and rural homes… oriented to beachfront, city, mountain, farm, and plantation living
  • The best cross-section of planned communities from around the world
  • The most attractive agricultural investments you can make right now
  • Agriculture-oriented residential properties
  • Land for development

You can also see a number of exclusive, off-market deals that are not available outside the event. This is due to their limited inventory or special event pricing.

These property experts come from far and wide and represent the best of what we see on the market today.

And, of course, we have our own staff of Live and Invest Overseas property experts, including Lief Simon, Kathleen Peddicord, and James Archer.

Every Presenter Brings Actionable Opportunities

One thing that makes this event different from most others is actionable offers. That is, you see properties, projects, and investment opportunities that are available immediately.

Whether it’s Belize, Ecuador, Panama, Italy, Spain, or Chile…the experts tell you why their market has potential, followed by specific opportunities to prove their point, which you can act on right away.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think it’s wise to impulsively buy properties at an event like this.

But it’s immensely time-saving to see such a wide and diverse selection at one time. And it’s a huge benefit to be able to lock down an opportunity on the spot, pending your due diligence or a personal visit.

The People Here—People Like You—May Be The Biggest Benefit Of All

I get a lot out of meeting people at events like this.

First and foremost are their ideas. During a three-day event, I hear enough good ideas and investment approaches from attendees to provide fodder for a dozen property buys.

And, in my experience, many business-investment relationships formed at these events continue for years. I remember a group of people that met almost 10 years ago, and they’re still buying and developing properties together in Ecuador today.

And, of course, you make friends whose paths cross with yours, around the world, for years to come. I know I certainly have.

That’s What You Get…And Here’s What You Pay

The full price of the event is US$1,095 per person…but you don’t need to pay that today.

Right now, the base price is only US$845 per person (US$1,095 for two), thanks to the early bird discount…and, as a reader of Overseas Property Alert, you get another fifty bucks off.

So that brings it down to US$795.

In fact, you may be eligible for even more discounts if you’re a reader of Simon Letter, Marketwatch, or Overseas Retirement Letter or if you ever came to a prior event. Follow the link to see all the discounts available.

Also, if you’re among the first 50 people to sign up, you’re eligible for the exclusive VIP service. This includes things like airport transfers, reserved front-row seating, and private consultations with our staff of experts, if you like.

And, of those first 50, the first 25 are invited to a hands-on property-evaluation field trip with real estate guru Lief Simon after the event.

I’m really looking forward to this conference. If you’re going to join us, you can use the online signup form or contact Lauren Williamson, who can book you in. If you prefer to order by phone, call 1-888-627-8834.

I hope to see you there.

Lee Harrison
Editor, Overseas Property Alert

P.S. If you want all the details about the Global Property Summit, you can see them here. Or if you’ve got specific questions, Lauren Williamson is standing by to help you out. And, as always, you can write to me using the link at the bottom.

But, if you’re coming, don’t wait for the price to go upsign on with us now, while the early bird discounts and VIP offer are in effect.


Letters To The Editor

What is Lee Harrison smokin’? We’ve been shopping properties in Salinas for several years and have made purchases. I can tell you that anything you’d buy for US$40K would be a place I wouldn’t put my dogs in!

There are great buys to be had, right on the malecón, and “fire sales” on three-bedroom, three-bath condos for $80K–$85K…if you have an agent on the ground working for you every day. But I’d be interested in seeing what Lee is offering for $40K in Salinas. When is he moving in?

Everything else he has said about Salinas I whole heartedly endorse, and then some. We love it! And we plan to move there next year when Carol retires.


Ron brings up a point worth addressing. In every market, I try to show where the market starts, its entry point. But now and then it pays to reiterate that the market’s entry point will not suit many second homebuyers or retirees. A US$40,000 pricetag is low for a large apartment with a sea view, but it won’t compare to the newer, more-modern, oceanside units on the malecón, which are still reasonably priced.

But, that said, I have personally bought properties at or near the entry point (in Ecuador and Brazil) that have paid off handsomely when I sold them (after the fix-up work). So, to me, they’re worth mentioning.

As to not being fit for keeping dogs, I saved the listing. Have a look for yourselves and see what you think. It’s actually not the market’s entry point. The cheapest was a fixer-upper for an asking price of $30K, with an ocean view, in the same building.

Have a question? You can write to Lee here.

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