Independent Living Investment Opportunity In Panama City

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I don’t have long…

Our family is on a screen-free week, and I’m trying to hold up my end of the bargain.

I promised I’d have my work finished before everyone else hops out of bed this morning…

Really, I’m glad to be sneaking in a little online time to tell you about this exciting new launch in Panama City.

So, let’s dive in…

This is your chance to cash in on an independent living community—and earn annual net returns of US$16,695.

Not any old independent living community… but Panama’s first such venture in this sector—geared toward the discerning expat retiree.

This is a state-of-the-art facility brought to the market by one of the city’s top developers who has recognized a gap in the market.

I’ll give you more details in a moment on the actual project—and what it offers. But first, let’s remind ourselves why independent living is such a hot opportunity right now…

Retirees On The Rise… And Spilling Over The Border

In 2018, the number of people aged over 65 living in the United States was 52 million. That’s expected to double by 2060.

Americans are also living longer than ever. While the average life expectancy of a United States citizen in 2020 is 78.93 years, the country also boasts the highest number of centenarians in the world (approximately 80,000 today).

And, let’s not forget that more and more Americans are choosing to expand their horizons and retire overseas. In 2019, more than 700,000 Social Security payments were sent to U.S. citizens abroad. That’s a 40% increase over the last decade alone.

Independent living facilities are the sweet spot in retirement for many ageing citizens. You can still be as active and free as you wish… but you have a ready-made network to fall back on… for company, as well as access to health care and support as and when you wish.

Options for independent living in the havens we usually talk about overseas don’t really exist. At least not in Latin America… and not to a U.S. standard…

But today, I’m delighted to bring you news of this first independent living program in Panama

As I said, it’s a chance for you to earn as much as US$16,695 annually—representing just over 9% return on investment…

Prime Position In Panama City

These independent living condos are part of a larger luxury development in Costa del Este—one of Panama City’s most sought-after business and residential addresses.

Costa del Este is the quintessential American suburb ideal, neatly wrapped up in approximately 740 acres. Just off the main highway that takes you into Panama City from the international airport, the neighborhood is equidistant from the airport and downtown Panama.

gold course at costa del este retirement
Costa del Este Panama City

New, spacious, shiny, slick, and turn-key, Costa del Este claims to be Panama’s biggest modern-day planned community. National and international companies are located here, which means international families are putting down roots. People coming from all corners of the world has helped make Costa del Este a truly cosmopolitan neighborhood.

Residents of these independent living apartments will be just steps from Costa del Este’s newly built Johns Hopkins-affiliated hospital… as well as the Town Center shopping mall with its movie theater… a selection of restaurants… and one of the city’s best pharmacies. An 18-hole golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus is just minutes away.

Part of a larger building of mixed generation apartments, the independent living floors will consist of 48 apartments—with a choice of single or double occupancy…

All residents will have full access to the wellness center, gym, yoga studio, social areas, theater, sky bar, and individual pools on each floor…

There’s even an on-site co-working center for individuals who want to manage online businesses.

costa del este development in panama cityFirst-class health care, nursing, meals, housekeeping, and property management are part of the package. As residents age, support packages can be purchased—including health insurance (at a small fraction of the cost in the United States).

If you prefer to keep your unit to yourself, that’s an option, too. As an owner, you can occupy your apartment and avail of the independent living package—including full-service health care and support—from just US$1,885 per month.

Considering that the cost of independent living communities in the United States cost from US$1,500 per month at the lower end to as much as US$6,000, this is an affordable option for a luxury-level retirement in a cosmopolitan neighborhood… with all amenities and the support of a community on your doorstep.

What’s In It For You?

Going the investment route, you’ll pocket about US$17,000 in turn-key profits every year.

The deal we’ve negotiated with the developer projects a strong 9.1% net ROI, or an annual pay-out of $16,695—all 100% turn-key.

This is not your typical vacation or rental income project

It comes as a direct response to demands from clients and retirees who want to make the move overseas, but also want some level of support… either now or a decade or so down the road.

Again, this project is offering a luxury retirement, with an incredible package of additional benefits, at an affordable price simply not possible in North America or Europe.

Get the full details, including all pricing and investment cash flow, here.

Lynn Mulvihill