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“I’m Exhausted And My Head Is About To Explode!”

It was day two of our three-day Global Property Summit last week, and one of the attendees was smiling from ear to ear as he told me how overwhelmed he felt. By that evening he had only seen 15 of the 23 investment opportunities available to conference goers, but he was already buzzing with excitement.

If you weren’t in Panama City with us last week, you missed the chance to meet some of the most diverse and interesting experts and developers discussing impressive property investments from around the world.

But, as a savvy Overseas Property Alert reader, you haven’t missed out because I’m going to share some of the details with you here, including a special, limited-time deal to own the entire collection of conference presentations, allowing you to go over all the Summit offers at your own pace.

This special opportunity also grants you access to a few of the “conference exclusive” offerings.

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This was my first Global Property Summit, and I entered the room with high expectations. I took copious notes and still couldn’t catch all the details. However, because I was there with the speakers, I could approach them to clarify facts and dig deeper.

This year’s Summit covered the whole gamut of overseas property investment possibilities from residential and agriculture to corporate investments and hard-money loans.

Here’s a peek at some of the offers…


We needed three, jam-packed days to discover 2018’s best property opportunities, including details about existing homes, pre-construction, vacant land, and more.

Here’s a sampling:

  • Starting with beach property and impressive return on income, consider Brazilian townhouses starting at US$99,000, which are expected to net 19% rental yields. Beachfront lots are also available for capital appreciation in this South American country.
  • If pre-construction, turnkey property interests you, several options are available:
    • In an up-and-coming, path-of-progress Mexican location, we have the inside scoop on pre-construction homes starting under US$100,000.
    • If city life is more your speed, consider pre-construction Panamanian apartments with special pricing for early birds and developer financing available.
    • The Dominican Republic is offering condos eligible for short-term rentals with bank financing if you purchase while it’s still pre-construction.
    • A five-star coastal community may be calling your name and offering turnkey construction for interested buyers on the Pacific coast of Panama.
    • With a low capital contribution, pre-construction condos in Istanbul, Turkey, may be the perfect investment opportunity for your diversification plan.
  • How about a ready-made housing market, with a waiting list of more than 200 pre-qualified buyers? You can invest US$90,000 for two years and enjoy a 23% return.
  • Sunny Belize offers beachfront homes to use whenever you want and rent out the rest of the time. Learn how you can use lender’s money to invest in an exciting new hotel.
  • If Europe is more your style, Portugal is creating its first independent living beachfront property in the Algarve region. With the growing need for senior-friendly housing, this project is on the cutting edge.
  • If you are considering rental real estate, fixed-return options, or even co-investing with a developer in Colombia, we can connect you with the right company to discuss your choices in Bogotá and Cartagena.
  • If short-term rentals are your goal, look no further than the growing tourism markets of Colombia and Puerto Rico. These turnkey deals may be exactly what you envision.
  • Many of us are concerned about the environment, our personal carbon footprint, or we want to be self-sufficient. There’s an off-grid community of tiny houses starting at just US$76,000 you have to see for yourself.
  • If you’ve always wanted to be a part of a resort setting, but only have US$30,000 to spend, we found another turnkey, hard-money-lending offer in Nicaragua.
  • Argentina is the place to turn your focus for a rebounding economy and a government that favors growth and business endeavors. From office spaces to residential condos and even agricultural possibilities (vineyard anyone?) this market is on a three-year upswing.

Speaking of agriculture …

Agricultural Offerings

Earning a profit from Mother Nature’s bounty is only one aspect of investing in agriculture. Our experts shared amazing, eco-friendly proposals that will extend your investment portfolio for years to come. Here’re some of the well-designed and creative agricultural options presented last week:

  • With the primary goal of improving the environment, giving back to the planet, and providing a cleaner energy source, this timber project in Colombia deserves your attention. Now in its third phase, this program features a 15% annualized return over its seven-year plan. Another bonus is the residency component included in this investment.
  • A hardwood offering specializing in luxurious teak production is located in two countries. The Panama parcel offers a 6-year turnaround on your investment, while Nicaragua projects a 23-year term. With a low minimum investment of US$16,700, this productive land program also offers a residency option.
  • For an even shorter return on your investment, this fruit orchard opportunity allows you to choose among different fruit options with different investment cycles. More than half of the attendees at this year’s Global Property Summit have already invested in this thriving company, which continues to bring new technology and opportunities to the table.
  • Across the sea, this aquaponics project provides both lettuce and fish to the growing market. With a low capital investment, you can realize cash flow from your own personal aquaponics system within the first year. This is a truly unique, turnkey agriculture production system worth your attention.
  • Gourmet food culture is exploding and along with it, the need for truffles. With an investment in this French truffle plantation, you can enjoy returns as high as 24% internal rate of return.

Global Property Summit attendees were also treated to an opportunity for full investment diversification by investing in a multinational company with holdings in four different countries and plans to expand to even more.

I’m not sharing all of the juicy tidbits, of course, but I hope I’ve intrigued you and made you seriously consider how international property investments can fit into your portfolio and lifestyle.

Because there was just too much information to absorb before the next investment was revealed, Global Property Summit attendees each receive a summary of the various opportunities presented at the event.

Even if you couldn’t join us last week and avail of these exclusive deals and insights in person, you don’t have to miss out.

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Wendy Howarter