New Consinfra Real Estate Investment Yields 25% In One Year

Breaking News For Short-Term Investors: Realize A 25% Return In One Year… Guaranteed!

Image of a street in the walled city of cartagena, colombia. Orange houses line a wide open road with a church spire in the background

1 U.S. dollar equals 2,703 Colombian pesos.

Every week my mission is to share helpful property hints, the best locations, and the latest real estate opportunities around the globe. This week I have a brand-new project I couldn’t wait to present to you.

I’ve just learned about an investment opportunity with an experienced company offering a hands-off, fully managed project and a guaranteed return of 25% in only one year. Does that interest you?

What if I told you that this opportunity just arose this past week and will likely sell out quickly due to its limited availability? Are you even more curious?

Let Me Explain

Last month at our Global Property Summit, those in the room with us heard about an exciting, hard-money loan opportunity from our long-time friend and colleague, Andrew Straus. Andrew is one of three partners in Consinfra, a seasoned Colombian company that is well-versed in this type of business. While his investment plan caught the attention of many people at the Summit in Panama, Andrew’s company had not yet found the right project to pursue.

Things change quickly in this business and those who snooze… lose.

I’m excited to report that the perfect project and parcel of land is now available, and Overseas Property Alert readers are among the first to hear about this exciting opportunity. Before I spell out the details, let me share some background so you understand who you will be working with.

The Company

Consinfra has been in business for over 30 years and its three partners boast 90 years of combined personal experience in real estate development and redevelopment in Colombia. The beauty of this project is that the company manages the entire process including engineering, architecture, project management, sales, and more.

To prove how committed they are to the projects they promote, Andrew and his partners don’t leverage their projects. Instead they devote their own equity to cover at least 50% of each project’s necessary funds. The remaining amount needed comes from investors like you. They also partner with established developers featuring proven track records and regional experience to ensure project success.

The Exciting New Opportunity

Consinfra has chosen an urban development project located only four-and-a-half miles from the heart of Cartagena’s colonial walled city. You may think Cartagena is only a touristy cruise port, but it is also an important alternative to the Panama Canal for handling cargo and transporting goods by sea.

The nearby Bay of Cartagena and the Dique Channel specialize in handling medium-sized ships. Plus a new refinery expansion, a new port on the island of Barú, and several new large industrial complexes promise employment opportunities for approximately 50,000 middle-class Colombian workers. These employees in turn become potential home buyers.

With this booming economy, the job market for these workers is outpacing the current housing market. In spite of all the industrial, commercial, and institutional projects underway, no one is building housing developments. As a result, an urgent need for middle-class, multifamily housing exists. This is where Consinfra comes in.

Andrew’s company understands this need. As he explains it, they are, “working in the design and construction of a housing development that meets the current needs of the market and provides its owners all the comforts that modern life requires.”

To fill this need, they are acquiring a 42-acre parcel of land near the Club Campestre of Cartagena, which is perfectly suited for a multifamily, gated-community development.

How Does Your Investment Work?

Unlike many real-estate-based investments, this project involves no title work, no exchange of deeds, and no worry about resale or maintenance. This is a hard-money corporate loan with a minimum one-year term, guaranteeing a 25% return.

Your cash infusion allows the developer to capitalize on the growing need just outside Cartagena. The purchase and improvement of this ideal parcel of land will provide quality housing for the growing middle class, all with a short 12-month turnaround and great financial benefits for the investors. You also have an option to hold onto this investment for two or three years while earning substantial returns each year.

This solid opportunity can be yours with a minimum investment of only US$50,000. If you want to take advantage of this high-yielding investment, I suggest you act quickly: Only a limited number of investors are needed to fund this special project.

To learn more about this exciting project, you can reach out to Andrew Straus here for more information.

Wendy Howarter