Domingos Martins is a lovely mountain town could be a wonderful spot to winter and to recharge.

Brazil’s Best Bargain Investments Are In Domingos Martins

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Squatter’s Rights Around The World

As my bus pulled out of the terminal in Vitoria, I thought once again about how much this city—the capital of the diminutive state of Espiritu Santo—resembles Rio de Janeiro, albeit smaller. It’s evident in everything… from the beaches to the architecture, and from the food to the faces and accents.

But then, as I stepped off the bus an hour and 15 minutes later in Domingos Martins, I felt like Dorothy opening the door in Oz… because Domingos Martins, a small town nestled in the coastal mountain range, is a world apart from the state capital of Vitoria. Founded in 1847 by immigrants from Pomerania (which today lies on the border of Germany and Poland), it’s an enclave distinct from the areas surrounding it.

It’s immediately evident why Domingos Martins is such a popular weekend and seasonal destination. It is simply charming. The population of the metro area numbers about 37,000, with perhaps half that living in the town itself. It has a warm and genuine small-town feel. Hills blanketed in evergreens and broadleaves surround Domingos Martins on three sides, lending a sense of community and Continue reading

Making Offshore Investments

How To Take Total Control Of Your Self-Directed IRA

The Best Available Source Of Funds For Making Offshore Investments
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I’ve often made reference to self-directed IRAs, and the fact that you can use them to invest in property overseas… as well as for many other non-traditional investments. I’ve even compared them to self-directed 401Ks.

This is a popular and important topic, and many of you have written with questions about self-directed IRAs. It’s one of our most frequently asked-about topics.

Until now, we’ve never really covered the self-directed IRA in detail… what your options are and how to set things up.

If you’d like to unleash the investment potential of your IRA, Dave Drummond’s article below is a must-read. I’ll let Dave take it from here.

At the end of 2011, U.S. citizens had approximately US$5.5 trillion in Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) with just over 40% of the population participating. If you add deferred contribution plans, including 401Ks, the dollar amount climbs to around US$9.7 trillion. Continue reading