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Montevideo’s Overlooked Sector That Offers An Enviable Lifestyle

Plus: “Are They Really Turning People Away From Ecuador?”

Montevideo, Uruguay

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Dear Overseas Property Alert Reader,

Montevideo’s Centro district is one of the city’s least expensive areas for living and buying property, but it offers what I believe to be the city’s best urban lifestyle.

Centro has the character of old Montevideo. It feels much more like old Europe than Latin America, and both the buildings and the people maintain an Old World charm that I haven’t seen anywhere else.

As you watch the neighbors dancing tango in the square or listen to old men with heavy Italian accents debating the world’s problems over cappuccinos and whiskey, you’ll realize that you’re a long way from Ecuador, Colombia, or Panama.

Centro is overlooked by most property buyers, as people focus on the adjacent historic center or the more upscale areas of the city, to the east. In fact, my own most recent apartment in Montevideo was in the more exclusive Punta Carretas… but time and again, I found myself heading back to Centro to enjoy the restaurants, theater, or music scene. Centro offers a rich lifestyle that’s unique in the city.

Centro is convenient. It’s right next to Ciudad Vieja (Montevideo’s historic center), so its residents are within easy walking distance to Continue reading

Earn a good rental income in this overlooked colonial market

Earn A Good Rental Income In This Overlooked Colonial Market

Plus: Gated Communities vs. Condos

Cuenca, Ecuador, has been one of the world’s top retirement destinations for almost 10 years now. I retired there myself in 2001. And, like me, the vast majority of the expats in Cuenca were attracted by the lifestyle rather than by its investment potential.

Here are just a few of Cuenca’s big draws.

  • A former Inca capital, Cuenca is now one of the best-preserved Spanish colonial cities in the Americas, and, not-surprisingly, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • It enjoys year-round spring-like weather.
  • Health care is excellent and inexpensive, with a good selection of modern facilities.
  • Cuenca is a walkable city, where most expats don’t need to own a car.
  • The cost of living is super low. Probably the best quality of life you can find on a low budget in Latin America.
  • The cost of properties is still incredibly low, even after impressive long-term gains.
  • Cuenca enjoys one of the largest expat communities in the world today, with thousands of retires and part-year residents moving down during the past eight years or so.

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