Affordable Beachfront Property In Nicaragua

Affordable Beachfront Property In Nicaragua

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Aug 11, 2015
Granada, Nicaragua

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Dear Overseas Property Alert Reader,

Nicaragua is one of my favorite countries in the Americas. I own a property in Granada, and have spent considerable time throughout the country. The time I spent was not just on writing assignments or to attend events. It’s one of the few countries where I’ve actually spent my own money just to enjoy and explore what it has to offer.

A lot of that exploration time was spent looking at properties on Nicaragua’s dramatic Pacific coastline. Stretching for more than 200 miles from its northernmost tip to its border with Costa Rica in the south.

This coast offers majestic cliffs… wide, white sandy beaches… beautiful black-sand beaches… and small hidden coves surrounded by lush jungle.

There are no cities to speak of on Nicaragua’s coast. Instead you’ll find small fishing villages, a few friendly towns, and lots of open space.

Some of the towns are old Nicaraguan resort destinations. These are alongside large, modern, planned communities, undertaken by (mostly) North American developers. The best of these planned communities are thriving… while others have failed. They tell a story of inept or corrupt Continue reading

Viewed from the beach at Chipipe, you can see the highrises at the other end of the cove

Ecuador’s #1 Coastal Resort And Beachfront Market

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Nov. 11, 2014
Salinas, Ecuador

Ecuador uses the U.S. dollar

Dear Overseas Property Alert reader,

When you come to Salinas, Ecuador, in November, you’ll find an energetic, bustling Pacific resort city soaking up some of the world’s best weather. As I write this, Salinas is enjoying a sunny high of 82°F (28°C)—a forecast that remains the same for the next 10 days.

Ecuador’s coast has a lot of beautiful, unspoiled, and fairly undeveloped seaside towns. And, in fact, Ecuador’s undeveloped coast is what draws a lot of people to the country.

But if my agenda were to enjoy resort-style amenities—restaurants, cafes, nightlife, groomed beaches, and an active real estate market— then Salinas is where I’d buy. Continue reading