Beautiful Beaches And Property Bargains In Cabo Frio, Brazil

Sizing Up Your Options On Properties In Las Terrenas, DR

Las Terrenas: Upscale Caribbean Living At Reasonable Prices

If you dream of owning a Caribbean home featuring a spectacular water view, near sandy beaches for strolling and lounging, with breezy trade winds to cool your afternoons, look no further than Las Terrenas in the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic is an independent country that shares its western border with Haiti on the Island of Hispaniola. The community of Las Terrenas is located on the north shore of the Samaná Peninsula, which looks like a little thumb on top of the island.

In the past few decades, Las Terrenas (population 39,221) has become the vacation destination for many Europeans, especially the French. The official language of the Dominican Republic is Spanish, but while walking around the whimsical town of Las Terrenas, French is the predominant language Continue reading

Puerto Vallarta's Most Affordable Properties

Where To Find Puerto Vallarta’s Most Affordable Properties

Puerto Vallarta: Enjoy Rich Amenities at a Reasonable Price

Today’s strong dollar has created a lot of terrific opportunities around the world, and one of today’s best bargains is here in Mexico.

The dollar’s buying power here is up over 100% since 2008, so most everything in Mexico is now selling for half price.

Even in those expat areas where real estate trades in dollars, everything else in your life is a major bargain. Your taxes, restoration costs, furniture, upkeep, clothing, car repairs, etc., all cost half of what they did just a short time ago.

Where you’ll really see the difference is in cities that used to be expensive, in the cost of fine dining, wine, and entertainment. And there’s no better example right now than in Mexico’s famous beach resort, Puerto Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta Offers A Winter Climate That Can’t Be Beat

There’s no better place for escaping harsh winter weather than coastal Mexico right now. And Puerto Vallarta (called “PV”) is no exception.

The climate in PV is absolutely magnificent during the North American winter, with warm, dry days and cool nights. The average high in January is just over 83°F (28.8°C), while the average low is down at 62°F (16.7°C).

But it’s hot in the summertime, with August temps averaging almost 93°F (33.7°C). That may not sound like much if you live in Continue reading