Top Almond Farm Investment For Steady Profits And Diversification

Almonds trees orchard.

Get In On The Global Almond Rush

Investing is a long game. Whether you want to invest for retirement or grow your savings, it’s best when you put money to work in markets and set it and forget it.”

This recent insight from Forbes Advisor came in the context of stock market investing. But we’ve been saying the same thing about real estate for years…

No matter where in the world you do it, buying for a fast flip is a gamble. The kind of thing that will keep you up at night…

This is why, here at Overseas Property Alert, we go after markets with long-term potential. Rather than banking on what a property may be worth 5 or 10 years down the line, we focus on how it can line your pockets (handsomely) in the meantime…

And, the best returns we’re seeing these days are in the field of turn-key agriculture.

This is where the small investor can make double-digit returns… often as high as 15% to 17%… for decades to come… without ever lifting a finger.

Whatever may happen on the stock market in the future, the world will have to go on eating. This makes agriculture one of the lowest-risk investments out there.

We’ve talked about niche farming investments in tomatoes, melons, and sweet-bite peppers here before. Today, it’s the turn of the humble but versatile almond…

Let’s begin by looking at why almonds are so hot right now…

Why Invest In Almonds?

Raw, blanched, flaked, ground… all these varieties of the almond have been on our supermarket shelves for years. More recently, we’ve had the entrance of almond milk, almond flour, and almond butter. Not to mention almond being a popular ingredient in the beauty industry.

An almond on a tree
The almond is a superfood in high global demand

Today, almonds are the second-most-consumed nuts in the world—coming in right behind peanuts. Meanwhile, almond milk is the most popular dairy-free milk (talking up 63% of the alternative milk market). Fun fact: it’s not just a hipster thing… almond milk was a popular ingredient in European cooking back in the Middle Ages.

The almond also ranks highly on the superfood chart…

It’s a source of healthy fat, protein, fiber, iron, calcium, and vitamin E. Extensive research shows that including almonds in your diet can help reduce blood pressure and lower both blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Whether you drizzle almond oil on your favorite salad or massage it into your face, you’re getting multiple benefits…

As the global demand for health foods expands, the almond market continues to boom. The worldwide almond ingredients market was worth an estimated US$10.2 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach US$16.9 billion by 2025.

And now, thanks to this new agri opportunity, you can get in on the “almond rush” and position yourself for double-digit profits for decades to come…

A Top Almond-Producing Country (Minus The Californian Drought)

In order to thrive, almonds rely on a constant sunny, warm climate… and lots of water.

The United States—with 40% of the global market share—is the largest almond-producing country in the world, with California dominating the scene.

Spain, with an ideal growing climate and the right soil conditions, checks in as the second-largest producer, representing 13% of the global market.

As the future of Californian almonds is threatened by recurring drought and devastating wildfires, this Spain-based almond farm provides you a safer option.

Water supply on this almond orchard is secure. The farm has its own water source on-site and water supply is guaranteed by the government. The company uses high-tech systems to ensure optimal irrigation.

An almond plantation
Spain has the perfect climate and a reliable water supply

Another major advantage of this opportunity is that it comes with freehold title. You’ll own the underlying parcel of land that supports your almond trees. This isn’t always possible in a turn-key agri-investment, but you have that extra layer of security here.

The almond trees are expected to produce for 45 years. At that point, you can cut down and replant, should you or your heirs wish to continue earning an annual cash flow… or you can sell on your mini orchard for a lump sum.

Team Up With A Green-Aware Developer (With A Proven Track Record)

The developer behind this Spanish almond farm is one of the biggest in agricultural real estate products in Europe. Recognizing the global gap in the supply of almonds, the company strives to produce a superior product. That gets them a higher price in both the wholesale and retail markets where they operate.

With years of experience developing and managing agricultural real estate assets, the company has invested millions in top machinery, farm management software, and infrastructure—all of which helps to keep management costs to a minimum. They are committed to using sustainable farming methods, and all production is chemical-free.

A red tractor on a plot of land
This is 100% turn-key; all the hard work is taken care of

The almond comes from the same family as the peach. And the variety of almond they’re growing here in Spain is a natural hybrid of almond and peach, native to France. This particular almond has a superior taste, is more resistant to disease, and contributes to a higher market price.

Sit Back And Enjoy Annual Payouts Upward Of 16,000 Euros

This is a true “set it and forget it” opportunity.

Planting, crop management, harvesting, processing, and sales will all be handled by an experienced team of experts. The company has its own processing plant where the product is prepared for sale to domestic and international markets.

Once you’re in, all you have to do is wait for your profits to land.

Now, let’s take a look at the numbers…

  • Starting in Year 3, you’re looking at a projected return of 2,000 euros…
  • You’ll make your money back somewhere in Year 7 (or earlier), as a 15,000-euro pay-check lands into your bank account…
  • By Year 10, your payout reaches 16,000 euros—an annual profit that continues every year until Year 45…
  • All for a projected total net income of 675,789 euros (about US$815,000)… with no need to lift a finger…

As always, we’re keeping with the most conservative projections here. From Year 10 onward, your annual payout could reach 24,000 euros or more.

After the final harvest (around year 45), you can sell your lot… or replant. A long-term play like this makes for an ideal legacy investment. You can boost your retirement income for decades… and pass the same security onto your loved ones.

Diversify Into Europe—With Zero-Interest Financing Available

This turn-key almond farm not only gives you the chance to diversify into another country… it also provides you with currency diversification. As you’ve seen from the projected figures above, your annual payouts are in euros… as is the purchase and sale of your almond parcel.

To make the whole process even easier, the developer is offering a payment plan. After an initial payment of 30%, you can spread the remainder of your investment over the following 24 months—completely free of interest.

If you’d like more information—including pricing for the different parcel sizes available—please get in touch with the team here.

They’re standing by, ready to help with any questions you may have.

Lynn Mulvihill
Editor, Overseas Property Alert