las isletas

Own A Private Island Starting At US$78,000

Islands in Las Isletas are priced in U.S. dollars

The idea of buying any property abroad is exciting. But it’s hard to think of anything more exotic than owning your own private tropical island. The sense of being on your own—and the feeling that you really own your own piece of the earth—is unlike any other.

For centuries, owning a private island has been the dream of the rich and famous. And in most of the world today, owning a tropical island is indeed prohibitively expensive for most of us.

Yet there’s one place left in the Americas where you can still own a private tropical island for less than US$78,000.


Las Isletas is a group of small islands that caught my eye on my first exploratory trip to Nicaragua, and they still hold my attention today. They’re located in the giant Lake Nicaragua, adjacent to the historic colonial city of Granada and about 45 minutes from the airport in Managua. Las Isletas is actually an archipelago consisting of 365 islands, which was formed when the nearby volcano Mombacho erupted in prehistoric times and blew much of its cone into the lake.

If you’re thinking of island ownership, this island group offers a few special advantages over islands located in the ocean. Although Lake Nicaragua feels like the ocean—it’s almost half the size of New Jersey—you’re actually on an inland, freshwater lake. This means you don’t have to worry about the tides, hurricanes, complete isolation, or other natural hazards that go along with open-water island dwelling.

Since the islands are just offshore, many of them have excellent views of historic Granada…yet they’re far enough away that you still enjoy the feeling of privacy that comes with private-island living. Many islands also have views of mountains, volcanoes, and, of course, the expansive lake with its other islands.

Perhaps the biggest advantage is that you’re just offshore from Granada, one of the oldest Spanish Colonial cities in our hemisphere. As you stroll through its clean streets and marvel at the beautifully restored colonial homes, you’ll be surprised at the facilities here, including well-stocked supermarkets and a broad selection of fine restaurants along with local open-air markets and tiny local shops.  Continue reading