Mazatlan Mexico Historic Center

Mazatlan, Mexico: A Spanish Colonial Historic Center

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I’ve been writing for the past few weeks from Mazatlán, Mexico, and have fallen into a pleasant routine here.

Each day starts with a morning walk along the beach at sunrise (fellow dog owners will understand why I’m out there so early), followed by a day of exploring the colonial historic center and beaches that make Mazatlán a famous vacation spot.

I’ve got an apartment on the waterfront, which also has easy walking access to the historic center. It’s a good place to enjoy the best of both worlds… but it also points out the difficulty in deciding where to settle here. Both lifestyles are attractive, and I’m finding it hard to decide between the two.

Founded in 1531, Mazatlán lies about nine miles south of the Tropic of Cancer (21km) on Mexico’s Pacific coast. It enjoys pleasant sunny winters—with warm waters—that draw visitors from the rest of North America, including Mexico itself.

Summers temperatures, however, will hit 90˚ (32˚C)… with periods of high humidity. It’s not a great place to be for Canadians and Americans in the summer, but it does manage to maintain a steady stream of visitors from Mexico during school vacations in Continue reading