Envigado Colombia

Envigado, Medellin’s Benign Neighbor, Is An Attractive Market

Discover A Pleasant, Smaller Alternative To Colombia’s Medellín
Plus: Colombia Versus The Dominican Republic And Taxing Pensions

Expats are expanding their horizons in the Medellín valley and turning it into a broad, well-rounded destination with plenty of varied options.

Granted, Medellín’s long-trendy El Poblado neighborhood is still the big draw for tourists, business travelers, and expats alike. But over the past few years, American and Canadian expats have branched out into a number of other attractive neighborhoods, such as Laureles and Conquistadores.

But the most popular new discovery by many expats is Envigado.

The municipality of Envigado lies south of Medellín, adjacent to El Poblado. And while El Poblado is a neighborhood (comuna) of Medellín, Envigado is not part of Medellín at all… but rather a separate municipality within the Medellín metro area.

And Envigado is not only separate administratively, but it also has Continue reading