Great food, art, and architecture: An energy second to none

Bargain Deals In Spain’s Energetic Capital

Plus: Headed To Argentina

There’s something unique about Madrid. If you were to read about the Spanish capital, you might think it was its fascinating architecture—a glorious mix of medieval mansions, glistening palaces, and daring contemporary Spanish structures. But that’s not it.

Nor is it Madrid’s artistic pedigree that lays claim to be its biggest unique selling point, despite the fact that native masters from Goya to Velázquez left an enviable trail of art, complimented by the works of Italian and Flemish artists who also once called Madrid home.

Could it be the food? Madrid has long been one of Europe’s culinary capitals…but of late, they’ve cranked it up yet another notch. Spain’s most populous city is right at the heart of the country’s gastronomic revolution—a movement that is seeing new levels of creativity and invention fired into its cuisine.

But even the food scene here is just a part of what really makes Madrid special.

What really sets it apart is its unceasing, unrivaled energy.

An Energetic City With A Diverse Market

This is a city with a pulse. Walk through Madrid’s streets, sit in its cafes, or even gaze through a window at its eclectic mix of new and old buildings that make up the city’s skyline and you can almost feel the life force of this unique place. It’s infectious. And the driving concept, the fuel that pushes its inhabitants forward is this: Madrid’s people don’t want to exist. They want to live…and live well.

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