fish in New Zealand

The 5 Best Places To Own Property And Fish In New Zealand

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Beautiful, unspoiled beaches, warm weather, and friendly, English-speaking people. New Zealand fits the bill just about perfectly for anyone wanting to escape the harsh North American winter.

And thanks to a dramatic shift in currency exchange rates, U.S. dollar-holders now have 38% more buying power in New Zealand than they had just last year.

The countryside and beaches are amazing, but now and then properties can come with an added bonus: world-class fishing.

Since legendary American angler Zane Grey described the Bay of Islands as “the Angler’s El Dorado” it’s been widely recommended as New Zealand’s top fishing destination. But there are other lesser-known places in Northland where there is good potential for short-term rental of your property when you are not using it.

Capital gain is an added bonus due to steady price rises in the Northland property market throughout 2015. The latest monthly Government House Price Index shows property prices rose 6.1% in the Far North.

Why New Zealand Strikes A Chord With U.S. Buyers

New Zealand has one of the lowest population densities in the world. With about 15 people per square kilometer, it’s roughly half as dense on average as the United States. Its largest city, Auckland, is one of the world’s most livable cities and Continue reading