Overseas Property In Medellin, with its tree lined streets , Northeast Brazil, with gorgeous beaches, and Panama City, the Manhattan of Central America.

Predictions: Best Overseas Property Markets For 2016

Plus: A Reader’s Low-Cost Country That Offers Everything

Ever since I boldly predicted that The Beatles would fade away by the end of 1965—overshadowed by The Dave Clark FiveI’ve learned to be wary of making predictions.

But predictions are part of the business when it comes to buying property abroad (or writing about buying property abroad). After all, any time we’re buying a property—for anything other than strictly personal use—we’re making a prediction that its value will improve… or that it will produce an income… or that the country it’s in will continue to provide us with favorable conditions.

Here are three well-thought-out predictions that I’ve analyzed for 2016. I’ll also follow them with a couple of work-in-progress ideas that you may find interesting.

I’ll underline any predictions so you can spot them easily.

Medellín, Colombia Still Has Lots Of Room To Run

I already have a home here, but conditions now are better than ever.

Why I Like It:

Medellín enjoys beautiful year-round weather with an average daily high temperature of 84° F (29° C) with only one degree of seasonal variation. So no matter when you choose to visit, you can count on the weather being nice.

Also, Medellín has sufficient rainfall to keep everything lush and green and to turn the drought concerns of western North America into a distant memory.

Medellín is my first choice for full-time, city living. The upscale neighborhood of El Poblado is walkable, safe, and attractive, with lush parks and lots of trees. The city is clean and bright, and Continue reading