Italy’s Undiscovered Region That’s Massively Undervalued

Abruzzo, Italy

One Year Later, Interest In These Properties Has Increased Nearly 200%

Considered the greenest part of Europe, with three national and five regional parks, this spot boasts beautiful coastal towns, charming medieval hamlets, and hilltop villages with breathtaking panoramic views—who wouldn’t love this ideal location?

The climate here is typically Mediterranean, with four seasons and very mild winters. Situated on the Adriatic Sea, it’s a coastal region with 134 kms of beaches, but it’s also a mountain region with well-known ski resorts and the highest peak in the Apennines.

This diverse place is Abruzzo, located in Central Italy.

Abruzzo was mostly unknown to international tourists until 2001 when the low-cost airline Ryanair launched a route from London Stansted Airport to Pescara, Italy, the most convenient airport for this region.

In the last few years, people from all over Europe, the States, Australia, Israel, and South Africa have started buying properties in Abruzzo. In February 2018, the leading property web portal Rightmove calculated that among its worldwide users, interest in Abruzzo properties has increased by 192% compared to last year.

In the same time frame, Abruzzo’s notarial registry has shown an increase of 15% in property purchases in the area of Chieti alone.

I’m not surprised.

I’ve been working as an international real estate agent for the past seven years, and I’ve always known that Abruzzo was going to succeed…

Abruzzo has been called the New Tuscany, the Abruzzo-shire (in reference to the famous “Chianti-shire”), the undiscovered Italy, the unspoiled Italy, and so on…

But why are so many people from all over the world, and more recently so many Americans, wanting to buy houses here? Apart from the beauty this region offers, there is another very important point: Abruzzo is one of the most affordable regions in Europe to purchase a house.

What Does A Home Cost In Abruzzo?

In Abruzzo, house prices can vary a lot, but tend to be low. A new apartment in a coastal city like Pescara can cost from US$1,500 up to US$2,400 per square meter. Look inland, in smaller towns, and the prices can drop to US$300 to US$350 per square meter. You’ll also find beautiful houses of 93 square meters for US$58,000 or less.

But price isn’t the only attraction. In Abruzzo you’ll find properties with beautiful original details, townhouses with stunning panoramic views, antique palaces with unique architectural treasures, and country houses surrounded by vineyards, lemon trees, or olive groves.

Have you ever wondered if you could buy a classic renaissance palazzo with a ballroom for less than US$150,000? Here in Abruzzo, it’s possible! Abruzzo is also perfect for those who want to live in the countryside, surrounded by nature.

In Abruzzo the price of land is very affordable. You can find land priced as low as US$10,000 for 2.5 acres. Plenty of country houses are for sale, all surrounded by enchanting views. If you dream of owning a vineyard or an olive grove, you can fulfill that dream in Abruzzo, and you don’t have to spend a fortune.

Three Diverse Property Examples

Let me share some details about three different properties to give you a clear idea of what’s available in this part of Italy and what the prices are like…

Italian hills at sunset with mountains in the background
Roccavivara countryside at sunset

Roccavivara is a traditional hilltop village only 40 minutes from the Adriatic coast. This town enjoys panoramic views of the sea and the surrounding mountains. It’s famous for its Roman archaeological site and annual festivals close to the Trigno River.

Here you’ll find a completely restored stone house of 167 square meters situated in the center of town. This home offers four large bedrooms, two living rooms, two dining rooms, a kitchen, and two bathrooms. Everything is brand-new, and the beautiful antique furniture is also included in the price of US$135,000 (115,000 euros).

A living room in Roccavivera
One of two living rooms in this restored home

For something completely different, take a look at this newly restored country house located just 10 minutes from the Adriatic coast, surrounded by fruit and olive trees, near the town of Torino di Sangro. This lively tourist destination boasts numerous bars and restaurants a mere 8 kms from the Adriatic. With a beautiful seaside and sandy beaches, Torino di Sangro is a convenient 55 kms from the Pescara airport.

A path by the coast near to Torino
A peaceful view outside Torino di Sangro

Torino di Sangro is also known for its wine production, and it’s surrounded by olive groves and vineyards. You can sample excellent red and white wines from local winemakers who’re always happy to share their vintages with friends.

This house is a good investment for rental. It comprises four spacious bedrooms, two kitchens, two living rooms, a garage, and plenty of outdoor space. It’s ready to move in and also ready to be rented out for extra income. The price is US$211,000 (180,000 euros).

Terrace of a house in Colledimezzo
The lovely view from the back terrace

Finally, I couldn’t resist sharing this dream property located in the picturesque village of Colledimezzo. Overlooking Lake Bomba, only 2 kms away, the village is situated 30 minutes from the Adriatic Sea and 50 minutes from the Pescara airport. This quaint town is characterized by a labyrinth of tiny, winding lanes and fantastic views of the lake and surrounding mountains.

The quintessential village of Colledimezzo
Colledimezzo a town on a hill with hills in the background

Here you will find a 200-square-meter antique palazzo dating back to the 1800s. It has fantastic frescoed ceilings, a large ballroom with unique architectural features, three large and comfortable bedrooms, three bathrooms, and much more. The price of this palazzo is US$152,000 (130,000 euros).

A beautiful fresco on the ceiling of an Italian house
The dining area features a beautiful fresco on the ceiling

These are just three examples of different properties that are currently available in the Abruzzo region. There are also plenty of townhouses starting at US$35,000, and although they might require some light renovations, the starting prices are always reasonable.

Despite the increased demand in the last few months, prices are still affordable. But these prices won’t last forever. More European buyers are expected due to Brexit and the increasing number of flights landing in the Pescara airport from all over Europe. Abruzzo is becoming a hot spot and this is the right moment to buy before prices increase.

Monia Di Guilmi