Fast Returns Up To 23% On Your Investment In David, Panama

Altos de Coquito house plan

Many of the opportunities I share in these weekly missives offer a great place to live, retire, vacation, or invest for rental return. However, if you’re interested in a quick-turn overseas investment without leaving home, pay special attention to today’s post.

This simple, secure, and straightforward project is for you… if you want to realize a great return on your investment directly from your easy chair. You might be looking at 23% return on your downstroke of less than US$50,000 within only two years’ time.

Where In The World Can This Be Possible?

We’re headed to David, Panama, for this clever real estate plan. If you’re not familiar with David, it’s the second largest city in Panama, near the border with Costa Rica. A half million people reside in Chiriquí (David’s province, of which it’s the capital). Almost 200,000 call David home.

Panama’s GDP increased an average of 6.59% annually for the past several years, and the growing middle class is starving for quality housing. In David alone, an additional 15,000 homes are needed to provide for the growth on the western side of the country because of the country’s housing shortage… and only 800 homes are currently under construction.

David is popular with expats for its lower cost of living and accessibility to both coast and mountains, but expats are not the target market for this project. Instead, local, hardworking Panamanians such as teachers, nurses, firefighters, and police officers are the anticipated buyers.

How Does This Work? 

The project is simple and effective. The contractor receives money from foreign investors and builds single-family middle-class homes in a new, master-planned development. These homes are then sold to local families who qualify for the government’s “preferred interest” program. Finished homes are expected to sell within 15 to 20 days upon completion.

From the investor’s perspective, this project stands out thanks to its low capital requirement, a quick build time in a high-demand market, and a guaranteed generous return in one to two years.

Let’s break that down:

1. Low initial investment

Only US$49,000 buys a lot and a fully constructed home—that are also collateral for your investment until resale. Panama’s currency is the U.S. dollar… no exchange concerns or complications.

2. Low risk

Your investment funds are held in escrow and released only as construction of the home progresses. The house and lot are your collateral. The developer has a 40-year proven track record and has built some of the biggest construction projects in David, including the city airport and main city hospitals.

3. Short investment term

Each house requires four to seven months for construction. Your total investment time frame is only 12 to 24 months from initial money transfer to resale. These houses are then sold for a minimum of US$90,000 to guarantee the projected final return.

4. Excellent return on investment

If your house is built and sold within the first year of your investment, your guaranteed return is 13%. If the project extends beyond one year, you can expect an additional 10% for any year after the first. So a two-year turn on your money equals a total return of 23%.

5. Built-in sales market

With a list of over 400 pre-qualified buyers eager to buy a home of their own, resale is a lock. The Panamanian government is offering attractive mortgages with enticing details, such as a 30-year loan with as little as 5% down and interest rates of 3% that make it easy for the locals to purchase their own home. With these loans, it is actually cheaper to buy a home than rent in Panama.

6. Easy, turnkey investment process

You literally don’t need to leave your chair. The developer has assembled a team of necessary players to handle the transfer of your deposit and all associated paperwork right from your computer. Upon sale, your closing and legal fees are paid by the local buyer, not from your profit.

It’s Too Simple To Pass Up 

The community contains 43 hectares that’ll be developed in two separate phases. Phase I has 80 lots and, as of last month, 60% are already sold. As of today, the end sales for homes in Phase I have already started. Phase II is set to open soon.

The final plan includes 200 new homes. These modest-yet-high-quality houses range from 100 square meters to 120 square meters with two- and three-bedroom designs. They feature marble kitchens and attractive landscaping… and solar power connections are possible for the environmentally concerned.

The land is located in a prime area near the main highway connecting Panama with the rest of Central America. A fourth bridge is planned across the Panama Canal, which will bring increased traffic to this area, along with more jobs and more families wanting homes. There is a present and urgent need for this type of development and a ready-made market of buyers eager to close.

To get in on the Phase I construction and realize a quick turn on your money, contact the developer here.

This short-term, simple turnkey investment is a no-brainer. Don’t miss your opportunity to realize a 23% on your money by 2020. Go here today and help a Panamanian family realize the dream of home ownership in the next few months.

Wendy Howarter