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Tourism In Panama: The Key To A Golden Age You Can Profit From

Skyline with green grass and flag in Panama City, Panama

Profiting From Panama’s Third Economic Golden Age: An Economic Miracle 500 Years In The Making

Panama has enjoyed two golden eras of economic expansion in the past 500 years. Investors who got in then were rewarded with wealth beyond imagining. Today, Panama’s third golden age is just beginning. Those who prepare for this new commercial dawn can expect to realize riches comparable to the conquistadors of old. The tourism in Panama is the key to this third golden economic age.

Panama’s First Economic Golden Age

The time of the conquistadors was a brutal chapter in the history of Panama. Native populations died from war and disease while the colonists …

Panama’s Property Market Is Depressed: Here Are The Top Areas To Buy

View from District called San Francisco to the sea in Panama

Panama City Property: Buy Or Rent 30% Cheaper Today

When people talk about moving to Panama to enjoy a new life overseas, most think about exotic beachfront locations like Coronado, Bocas Del Toro, Boquete, or the San Blas Islands.

I traveled to Panama a couple weeks ago, and I had a fantastic time right in the city.

It was so much fun I nearly didn’t leave.

I was in Panama to attend the Live And Invest Overseas Panama Conference, meet with some contacts, and to inspect some of the developments in the area for Overseas Property Alert.

The conference was great, attendees got up-to-the-minute information on what’s happening in Panama, what to avoid, and where the most desirable locations and the best deals can be found.

We got the lowdown to a variety of unique and diverse investments on offer, solid legal advice, and in-depth information about the changes to the various visas you can get.

On top of this, we listened to a lot of first-hand accounts from expats on the ground on deciding where would suit you best, how to move there, and what …

A Real Estate Investment In Panama With Profits And Community Support

Houses in Panama

Earn A 30% Fixed Return Backed By US$1-Billion Government Fund: An Infinity-Sum Opportunity

In game theory, “zero-sum” is a concept where for someone to win, someone else must lose.

I’ve known sociopaths in business who are only satisfied with a deal if they can screw everyone else out of their share.

These greedy characters are zero-sum operators.

Sometimes I come across an opportunity that’s the opposite of a zero-sum deal.

The opposite of a zero-sum deal is an infinity-sum deal.

These are opportunities where everyone wins. The community wins. The ordinary person wins. The government wins. And you win.

And it’s truly a pleasure to do business this way.

Today, I want to alert you to a developer in Panama who is guaranteeing a 30% ROI in just two years, completely turn-key. You don’t have the hassle of having to renovate, rent, or sell anything. You collect your 30% in two years (or sooner), and you can reinvest your profits again if you like.

The project takes advantage of a US$1-billion government fund set up specifically to support this opportunity.

This deal is designed to provide desperately needed resources to ordinary folks. It builds communities and …

The Panama Golden Visa: Residency And A Second Home For The Price Of One

Here on Avenida Balboa, you'll enjoy the best views in Panama City

I’m delighted to be speaking to you today as the new editor of this Overseas Property Alert. Lynn Mulvihill is diversifying her role with Live And Invest Overseas… creating an opportunity for me to join the conversation.

I hope I can fill Lynn’s shoes adequately and that my insights and recommendations for global property markets based on decades of living and working in the real estate industry around the world will be enlightening and even entertaining for you.

And, of course, profitable.

Before we go further, maybe I should take a minute to give you some idea who’ll be behind these dispatches going forward…

I’m Irish. Studied business and law in University College Dublin before embarking on an eclectic career in real estate that has taken me from Ireland across Europe and then on to the Americas.

I’ve seen a lot, done a lot, and, boy, have I made a few mistakes along the way…

I’ve served as a director of real estate, oil and gas, and offshore corporate services companies… and I’ve built, scouted, bought, and sold all manner of properties…

And I’ve made and lost a few fortunes along the way…

The good news for you is that, after decades of property investing experience across the globe, I’ve learned from every misstep.

Now I want to share my hard-won wisdom.

I love the thrill of chasing a deal, I know the industry from both sides, and I’ve come to be able to spot the cowboy operators and grifters from across the street.

I’m back in my home county of Limerick, Ireland, these days… but my scouting boots are by the door.

I’ll be on the road more than not.

As we like to say here at Live And Invest Overseas, the world is alive with opportunity for fun… and, most important to our purposes here, profit.

Over the coming weeks and months, I’ll be bringing you the choicest hand-picked deals from the best developers operating in the markets most poised for growth across the globe…

And important, I’ll be bringing you personally negotiated exclusive pricing, terms, and inventory.

We’re living through historic times.

A turning-point era.

Offering enormous potential for those of us paying attention.

Let’s begin our conversation in Panama… a market that we at Live And Invest Overseas have been heralding for more than two decades… that, in fact, we were the first to recommend…

And that offers more opportunity right now than ever.

Read on below…

Panama has long been recognized as one of the best—and easiest—options in the world for …

The Easy Life In Boca Chica, Southwestern Panama

Boat Beach Playa Boca Chica

Ocean Hideaways In Panama From US$53,500

“Could you really disappear… and never get caught by the KGB… or FBI?”

I’d paused an episode of The Americans to get my husband’s thoughts….

“Well, that’s the 80s,” he reminded me. “I’d say it was possible then… and even into the late 90s.”

A different time, for sure…

Whatever hope you had of escaping Stan Beeman and his buddies back then, I’m not confident of your chances in this digital era. (We’ve come a long way from that clunky mail-delivering robot at FBI HQ.)

Fortunately, few of us have reason to run for our lives in a dramatic way. Still, many of us welcome the opportunity to escape to a quieter place from time to time…

If going off the radar is your dream for your new property overseas, then you’ll appreciate today’s destination…

It’s in Panama… but away from the bright lights of uber-modern Panama City. Not far from …

Panama’s Tourism Industry Is Changing And You Can Profit From It

panamas tourism

Panama And The Rise Of The “Whole House” Experience

As the long season of COVID-19 wanes, everyone worldwide seems ready to get back traveling. Booking sites can’t take reservations fast enough… wedding venues and caterers are booked months out… family celebrations are hastily being planned… sporting, arts, and music events are back on…

And Panama is at the top of many travelers’ wish lists.

What’s drawing more international visitors here?

For R&R seekers, there’s white-sand beaches, word-class resorts, and year-round warm weather…

For outdoor and nature enthusiasts, there’s surfing curls fit for international competition… scuba diving and snorkeling in blue Caribbean waters… volcano hikes up 1,550-foot Baru… native flora and fauna in protected reserves… and deep-sea fishing (for which Panama has more records than anywhere else on the planet)…

Not forgetting the city’s high-end shopping malls… the Frank Gehry-designed Biomuseo… and that little engineering feat called the Panama Canal (and its museum)…

All this and more makes Panama a unique and exciting vacation destination. But it’s only recently that the government started to focus and capitalize on its tourist treasures. There’s a good reason for this delay…

Unlike neighboring Costa Rica, Panama worked hard at keeping the nation’s GDP less dependent on a single industry. The services sector—including banking, insurance, flagship registry, container ports, and product distribution—contributes almost 70% to GDP, while agricultural products such as bananas, coffee, shrimp, and sugar have slowed to under 10%. The carrying capacity of the Panama Canal was doubled in 2016 and consistently contributes directly over 12% to GDP, and indirectly, through the other sectors, up to 40%. One of the world’s largest copper mines—located about two hours outside Panama City—is expected to eventually contribute as much as 21%, further diluting the dependency on any one sector.

So far, tourism has remained steady at just under 8% of GDP. But the time has come for that to change…

Cortizo Recognizes The Importance Of Tourism

Tourism was one of the major political planks of Laurentino “Nito” Cortizo’s promised administration. He ran for president and won, empowered from 2020 to 2025. Coritzo recognizes the emerging audiences of the “extreme traveler” and the environmentally focused. His government recently awarded $6 million to a local agency to develop marketing to these audiences.

During the first wave of the pandemic, Panamanians were offered training in various tourism roles. This included everything from food preparation to leading “green” tours.

Cortizo’s administration is also teaching North Americans that, in a country about the physical size of South Carolina, you can engage in a wide variety of activities— sometimes all in one week. This covers sport fishermen with trailing children, honeymooners, glampers, cruisers, and those seeking a spa getaway.

Free Stop-Over In Panama, Anyone?

Major projects such as the new Panama Convention Center, the new dual cruise ports on the Amador Causeway, and Central America’s only subway are just three of the many attractive services Panama offers tourists and business travelers.

The convention center will introduce many first-time visitors to Panama. The largest exposition hall in Latin America, officially opened in September 2021, it has 14 large upcoming conventions scheduled, with 50 more being vetted.

Meanwhile, Copa Airlines recently introduced a program called “Stopover in Panama.” This allows travelers on Copa’s network to book a stop-over in Panama—for a minimum 24 hours to a maximum of seven days—with no additional cost to their airfare.

Delta Airlines recently announced its plan to increase passenger capacity to Panama City by 80%—with additional direct flights from New York (JFK), Los Angeles, Orlando, and Atlanta.

Travelers Want Different

Now that so many are working remotely, the definition of home has blurred. Where can home be? A beautiful beach… A long-term rental where children pick up an additional language… Or maybe a new destination full of possibilities…

According to Airbnb, travel is undergoing major changes. Seniors no longer look at “renting off the grid” as something questionable… instead, it’s something to be sought. Whole-house rentals are rapidly replacing the cookie-cutter, “what city am I in?” hotel room with little more than a bed and a bath. Today’s traveler expects more…

Panama Offers Up More

Many condo units in Panama have been developed to accommodate the tsunami of travelers. From ocean-facing beach units to those near schools and multinational businesses to luxury hybrids that embrace both, the options are amazing.

Ever since owners took possession of the first units at Royal Palm, with direct Pacific Ocean access, renters have found a welcoming whole-unit experience at amazing prices. Investors can capitalize on smaller units (for under US$200,000) to larger models offering family experiences. With tax abatements and low financing, return on investment is attractive. Royal Palm used to experience high season from November to April. Since the country opened up again, these units have been rented consistently over the past 12 months.

With more and more multinational companies setting up in Panama, you’ll find a steady flow of employees looking for an attractive long-term rental option here. The master-planned community of Costa del Este, where many international companies are based, is one area to watch. Existing buildings, such as Parkside, provide investors with immediate access to the influx of new visitors and workers.

Luxury condominiums in the Casa Bonita residences share amenities with the five-star Westin Hotel, located steps away and provide a whole-unit experience with full kitchens and views of the ships queuing up for transit through the Panama Canal.

For those looking for higher-end options, there are million-dollar residences available such as Matisse with maids’ quarters, private elevators, and sweeping views of Panama Bay.

Bottom line, convention-goers, as well as cruisers, want to find the best local accommodation options at the most attractive price. In sizing up your investment options, consider projects with Airbnb whole-units marketed directly to these audiences.

Hassle-Free Real Estate Investment Opportunity In David, Panama

A park in David, Chiriqui in Panama

We Need To Talk About Panama

In these rocky times, we need to be extra picky about where we put our hard-earned money…

If you’re looking for a safe haven—where you can park your cash and watch it grow (while you sleep soundly for 8 hours a night)—then one place stands above all others…


Among its Latin American neighbors, this country is an outlier. It knows how to roll with the punches…

In the years following the 2008/2009 financial crisis, Panama kept its head well above water. Now, in the wake of the pandemic, the isthmus is set to bounce back again, ahead of the crowd…

There is good reason for this…

Since the turn of the century, revenue from the Panama Canal has been the cornerstone of the country’s economy. The major canal expansion in 2016 resulted in double the cash flow from the industry. And, lockdowns over the past year didn’t stop the flow of ships (or cash) through the locks. Every time a ship passes through, it’s money in the bank…

Today, Panama has another feather in her cap… its …