Avocados Offers Low-Risk, High Returns On Investment

Panama’s Organic Avocado Plantation Offers Low-Risk, High Returns

Earn 16.2% Per Year By Investing In Organic Avocados
Plus: Taxes On Worldwide Income, Post-Earthquake Ecuador, And Ignore Walter From Panama

I get a number of questions each week about how and where to invest in international real estate. In many cases, the investor has limited funds available to make such an investment, so simply buying a few condos on the world’s beaches is not an option.

High-producing international investments with low required-investment levels are at a premium.

And the highest-producing, most reliable investments we’ve found over the past five years have been in the agricultural area. Understandably, these are far-and-away the most popular investments with our readers.

This particular offer is for an avocado plantation project. It’s forecasted to pay 16.2% per year, and the minimum investment level is US$45,000.

I’ve met with the developers, and these guys are solid, long-term agricultural pros… They’re very conservative when it comes to water, with lots of redundancy in their water sources… and they’re dead serious when it comes to the integrity of their organic certification, which is the ticket to a premium income.

In-house guru Lief Simon is a long-term agro investor and has brought millions of dollars of these popular investments to the table through continual scouting and due diligence.

I’ll let Lief take it from here…

Lee Harrison

Another agricultural project has sold out.

I’m speaking of the My Fair Lady mango plantation in Panama, which I recommended to you in November 2015. It’s now sold out.

This is the second mango plantation this developer has sold out in two years and the fourth fruit plantation they’ve sold out in that same time.

Last summer, the group offered a lime plantation of 200 hectares that sold out within two months. (One hectare is 2.47 acres.)

In March of this year, they launched a guava plantation at my Global Property Summit in Panama City. All 100 hectares were sold within one week.

Attendees at that conference turned out to be the only investors able to access the opportunity. It sold so fast that I didn’t have a chance to get our paid subscribers in on the deal.

That’s why this alert today is so critical. I’m writing now to alert you to this opportunity before Continue reading