Sandy Beaches, Warm Waters, And Great Property Buys

US$1=R$2.24 Brazilian reais,

Palm-studded sandy beaches, warm turquoise waters, and a great property market…this pretty much sums up my first impression of Maceió, Brazil. And after spending a few days in this city, it only got better as we explored the fine dining, beachside bars, and the wild and beautiful coast that runs north and south from the city.

Best of all, thanks to today’s favorable exchange rates, you can buy a home in one of Maceió’s best beachside neighborhoods for less than US$100,000.

Capital of the state of Alagoas, Maceió (pronounced mah-say-OH) is located on the peninsula that separates Mundaú Lake from the Atlantic Ocean, about 168 miles (270 km) south of Recife. A natural point of land juts into the ocean from the center of town and separates the town’s beach sector into two parts, each with two major beach areas. My favorite beaches were north of that point.

A wide beachfront avenue runs along Maceió’s clean and attractive boardwalk, which is busy all day with joggers, walkers, and people relaxing on a bench or keeping fit at the oceanfront exercise area.

Groves of palm trees surround seafront restaurants, beach bars, and the kiosks that dot the beach side of the boardwalk, providing everything from fine dining, to cocktails, to the day’s newspaper. On the city side of the boardwalk, the avenue is lined with tasteful buildings, restaurants, and hotels. And the eight-story limit keeps the boardwalk and beach from feeling crowded or hemmed in by a wall of highrises.

The waters in Maceió are warm and blue and calm thanks to a barrier reef just offshore. Continue reading