6 Options For Property Investing In Greece + A Big Bonus

6 Options For Property Investing In Greece + A Big Bonus

Quick Fix European Residency On A Mediterranean Island—Part II

If Europe is on your list of places to explore, but you are worried you won’t be able to afford it, a visit to Crete just might make you change your mind. Though not quite as inexpensive as parts of Southeast Asia and Latin America, Crete’s cost of living is not that far off those Southern Hemisphere options. The other notable benefit that comes with a life on Crete, with the purchase of 250,000 euros of property, is a residency visa—more on that in a moment.

In last week’s Overseas Property Alert, I introduced you to the city of Chania on the northern coast of western Crete. This week we continue our exploration of the northern coastline with a look at the Akrotiri Peninsula, a head-shaped outcrop of land to the northeast of Chania.

Crete is the largest of all the Greek islands at 260 km long and between 20 km and 60 km wide—big enough and high enough in places to have a long range of snow-topped mountains, a well-developed tourism industry, four major cities, two international airports, a cruise ship port, a well-organized bus service, a NATO base (once a U.S. Air Force base), an international school, and all the usual mod-cons of a Westernized country.

Recession Hit And Down-Trodden?

Greece’s shaky economy may make you wonder if it’s a place that should be on your radar. Continue reading