The high season is just around the corner, but the fine weather is already here

Chile’s Gleaming City By The Sea

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Earlier this afternoon, I was standing at the municipal pier in Viña del Mar, taking photos of the beach and the adjoining condo construction. We’re nearing the peak of high season at Chile’s #1 resort and the crowds are beginning to show up.

It’s not my first visit to this pier…by chance, I have a similar photo taken of the same beach in 2006. In fact, I’ve got a pretty good set of pictures from this area going back a few years.

When you see the way the beachfront has been developing from then until now, it’s obvious that Viña del Mar continues to grow in popularity with second home buyers. Construction companies are working hard to keep pace with the demand, as new projects sprout like wildflowers along the shoreline heading north from the city.

This is an active property market in a sought-after location with lots of opportunity. Continue reading