Montréal's Property Market

Why Montréal’s Property Market Is More Attractive Than Ever

Montréal—Canada’s Last Affordable Big-City Housing Market

For anyone seeking political refuge in the Great White North, the timing couldn’t be better. The exchange rate between the U.S. and Canadian dollars makes Canadian markets a bargain for U.S. dollar holders. Among the various markets across Canada’s provinces and cities, the most unique and most promising is Montréal.

The city’s Canadian, Québécois, American, and Indigenous cultures make it unlike any other city in the Americas. Old Montréal’s 17th- and 18th-century architecture accompanied by the French chatter on the streets echoes of Europe, while the throngs of university students from around the world remind one that this is a modern, multicultural city.

Montréal brings Europe to North America at affordable prices.

Avoid That Canadian Housing Bubble

Prospective buyers may notice a worrisome trend in the Canadian market. For years now, ever since the disastrous crash in the U.S. housing market, analysts have been warning that a similar crash in Canada looms. Ignoring these warnings, the markets in Toronto and Vancouver continue to Continue reading

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Canadian Property Markets: An American Investor’s Best Buddy

Now Is The Time To Buy Canadian

It was an ongoing joke throughout the presidential campaign: Americans wanting to escape the toxic political situation and move to Canada. Cape Breton, a small town on Canada’s east coast, even based an advertising campaign on it with instant viral success.

Then, for many, it stopped being a joke when they woke up Nov. 9.

Google Trends showed a massive spike in searches for “how to move to Canada” and related queries following the election results. So many people visited the Canadian Immigration website that it crashed, and this wasn’t the first time in this election cycle that this happened. The page also crashed after March’s Super Tuesday primary results.

Whether the election results produce any significant increase in U.S. immigration to Canada will take time to be seen. Already, many of the celebrities who had previously threatened leaving have fessed up that they didn’t actually mean it.

The “True North” Remains Strong And Free

The idea of escaping the United States to the Great White North is nothing new. Loyalists fleeing during the U.S. Revolutionary War, escaped slaves joining them via the Underground Railway, and war resisters crossing the border during the Vietnam War—Canada has provided a beacon of freedom for hundreds of thousands of Americans over the years. And it still does today.

More recently, the impetus for moving to Canada became more political. Much like it has this year, after President Bush’s reelection in 2004, Canada’s immigration website saw six times its average traffic. By Continue reading