Viña del Mar offers First World Beach resorts at much better prices.

Punta Del Este Vs. Viña Del Mar: South America’s Top Beach Resorts

Punta Del Este Versus Viña Del Mar: Comparing Two Top Beach Resorts
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Uruguay’s Punta del Este and Chile’s Viña del Mar are the most famous beach resorts in South America. I lived in Punta del Este for almost six years and visit Viña del Mar frequently. Both offer an amazing lifestyle and a high quality of life for the money.

Since the cities are both located in economically and politically stable countries—and offer First-World environments—I’m often asked to compare the two. In fact, I started the notes for this article in 2006…

Viña del Mar is the #1 resort in Chile, while Uruguay’s Punta del Este is probably #1 in all of South America. (Yes, lots of people from Rio de Janeiro come to Punta del Este on vacation.) Let’s take a look at them side-by-side. Continue reading