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Exclusive New Deal In Panama City

Exclusive New Deal In Panama City

Editor’s Note: Breaking news from Panama City, Panama: Lief Simon and the Global Property Advisor team have just secured access to an exclusive, insider-only new deal.

This opportunity has been years in the making.

It’s in a market that we consider to be the ultimate investment haven, where we have decades-long partnerships with experts in the field in place.

Through those partnerships, Lief and the team have secured access to this brand-new deal.

Today, I turn things over to Mónica Linares, Managing Editor of Global Property Advisor, to explain.

But before I do, let me preface by saying that this is not your everyday investment opportunity… It’s the result of having the right connections, trust established over years, and precise timing.

It’s the type of offer that only those with a seat at the table can access. Read on to discover how you can pull up a chair…

Panama City Skyline

Dear Overseas Property Alert Reader,

Panama is one of the world’s best places to invest overseas.

It’s been on Live And Invest Overseas’ radar for more than 20 years, and it still measures up from an investment perspective:

· There’s no exchange rate risk since the U.S. dollar is legal tender.

· Its government provides outsized incentives for foreign retirees.

· The Panama Canal and other mega-infrastructure projects ensure global importance and economic stability.

· It has a solid legal system that protects property rights.

· The property market is ripe with opportunity.

Throughout the years, we’ve maintained strong relationships with local property experts…

Phil is one of them.

He has put us on to great pre-construction deals in prime Panama City markets, and now he’s providing an investment opportunity in foreclosure properties.

Why This Is A Big Deal

Foreclosure properties have been surrendered to the bank because the owner was unable to make their mortgage payments. They’re usually handed over for less than the actual value of the home.

Phil and his team have worked hard for years, going through an extensive vetting process, to gain the ability to sell foreclosure properties with a renowned international bank.

He will soon be granted access to limited-time, exclusive, below-market-value listings… and my Global Property Advisor Members will have the first pick of them.

Sample Listings

I can’t publish the full list, but here’s a sample of what it features to give you an idea of the caliber of real estate on offer:

· An 83-square-meter apartment on the 14th floor of a building right by Parque Omar in the middle of Panama City. For US$135,000, this apartment would be a successful long-term rental for a couple or small family because of its central location.

· For just US$180,000, you can get a 116-square-meter apartment 5 minutes from the beach, right by a popular resort in the Panama City Beaches stretch of coast. Ideal as a full-time second home or for part-time use and part-time rental unit.

· An incredible 624-square-meter home in David, Chiriquí Province, the third-biggest city in Panama, and just 45 minutes away from Panama’s highlands. This has an outstanding bargain price of just US$185,000.

· If you are interested in building homes in the expat haven of Boquete, Chiriquí Province, 3,000-square-meter lots are available for US$90,000.

The best part is that these prices are negotiable.

There’s a high chance that the bank will accept a lower offer… Phil tells us it’s not unusual to get these properties at a 20% discount from the listed price.

How It Works

1. Subscribe to Global Property Advisor to gain access to my full report covering this exclusive opportunity. This also allows you to put your name on Phil’s hotlist to get first notice of the availability of these incredible property bargains. Go here now to subscribe to Global Property Advisor.

2. Select the property you’d like to buy from Phil’s list.

3. Inspect the property. Foreclosure properties might require more initial investment in terms of repairs and renovations. If you can’t make it to Panama to inspect a prospective purchase yourself, Phil’s team can show you the properties virtually.

4. Make an offer. The bank will take anywhere from 7 to 30 days to respond to it. If your offer is accepted, a contract will be drafted, and any additional information will be requested.

Upsides Of Investing In Foreclosure Property

Aside from bargain prices, buying foreclosure property can open the door to financing.

This is not always easy to get as a foreigner in Panama, but with these properties, it’s a possibility. Banks even have ways to expedite financing requests when you’re purchasing bank inventory.

With foreclosures, even though the approval of the offer can take longer than when you buy resale or new construction from the developer, financing approval and processing of paperwork (preparation and registration of deed) can be a quicker process compared to buying property from a typical resale.

You’ll also have access to more competitive interest rates.

The typical down payment requirements for foreigners on a resale property are usually 30% to 50%, but with foreclosures, they can be reduced to 10% to 30%.

Banks are also likely to be less stringent with the buyer qualification requirements to expedite the process.

Get In Touch Now

There’s no time to waste. These are bargain properties in a prime global real estate market, and they will be snapped up quickly.

To get access to my full report on off-market Panama City property with massive discounts, subscribe to Global Property Advisor here now.

This also lets you put your name on Phil’s hotlist, giving you access to these incredible property bargains before anyone else.


Mónica Linares

Managing Editor, Global Property Advisor

The Best Areas To Invest In Panama

Panama City In The Spotlight: 3 Top Areas For Property Investment

The 2023 Global Property Summit kicks off tomorrow, June 14.

This is our biggest property-focused event of the year, where we present attendees with a menu of fully vetted investment deals from around the world.

If you haven’t signed up for it yet, it’s not too late to join us. Virtual passes are available here, affording you access everything the event offers from the comfort of your home.

Those that are attending GPS in person tomorrow will convene in the meeting rooms of Hotel Las Americas Golden Tower in Panama City, Panama.

The location of this year’s GPS is no coincidence…

Where better to have conversations about diversifying into global real estate markets where you can make money than in boomtown Panama?

Why Panama?

 Panama has been on Live And Invest Overseas’ radar for more than 20 years, and its investment fundamentals continue to stack up:

  • The U.S. dollar is the currency, meaning no exchange-rate risk
  • Panama is Latin America’s banking hub, with more than 50 general and international banks in Panama City alone
  • It has seen strong, sustained GDP growth of as much as 11% per year over the past 10 years (and even during the Great Recession in the years prior)
  • The Panama Canal is critical to the world economy, which ensures that this will always be a stable and valuable area
  • The government is pro-business and foreigner-friendly, meaning outsized incentives for foreign retirees and investors
  • The country has a solid legal system and strong personal property rights

Its property market, particularly in Panama City, is ripe with opportunity.

The expanding influx of foreign labor and executives is providing double-digit monthly rental returns, while the ever-moving path of progress is creating the potential for dramatic appreciation in key areas.
Values have increased compared to this time last year, as has the average number of transactions per building, which is up by 30%. The opportunities on offer are extraordinary.

But if you know anything about Panama City, you know that it’s a niche market. It’s divided into administrative units called corregimientos, which are further broken down into boroughs.

Each area has unique characteristics and requires special consideration when it comes to investment strategies. You want to make sure that your portfolio objectives align with the characteristics of the area you choose to invest in because outcomes can vary.

Some areas offer more potential and upside than others…

The 3 Top Areas For Investment

Twenty years ago, you could have bought almost anything in Panama and felt confident that you’d earn a good return. That’s no longer the case. Today, you need to target your investment search.

Where, specifically, in Panama City should you be shopping?

I asked Mónica Linares, Editor of Global Property Advisor and Panama City native, for her opinion. She named San Francisco, Costa del Este, and Bella Vista as the top choices right now.

San Francisco

San Francisco is to Panama City what Manhattan is to New York. It’s the commercial, financial, and residential hub of the city. Some of the most exclusive and expensive neighborhoods in the city are found here, like Punta Pacífica and Punta Paitilla.

It’s home to the skylines that characterize Panama City as well as some of the city’s most famous buildings, like the JW Marriott Panama (previously Trump International), Atlapa Convention Center, Multiplaza mall, and Hotel Las Americas (the site of tomorrow’s Global Property Summit).

This is a trendy area with a wide assortment of shops, cafés, restaurants, and nightlife venues. It’s also home to Parque Omar, the Central Park of Panama City, as well as Calle 50, the city’s most important financial and commercial thoroughfare. Panama’s two best private hospitals—Hospital Punta Pacífica and Hospital Paitilla—are in San Francisco.

This is one of the city’s oldest corregimientos. It’s been developing and modernizing since the 70s, and it’s where Panama’s real estate boom is concentrated. It’s a rapidly developing area with a mix of homes and high-rise apartments.

San Francisco is a mostly upper-middle- to upper-class area. I see the best play here as an apartment that’s rented on a medium- or long-term basis to this market.

 San Francisco Property Pick

Lief has uncovered an exciting new pre-construction project in the heart of San Francisco. Aside from its location, it deserves your attention for the outstanding payment plan the developer offers.

Lief is currently writing up his full report and doors open this weekend… but you can get your name on the access list here to ensure you don’t miss out.

 Costa Del Este

 Costa del Este is unlike anything else in Panama City…

It’s a 740-acre master-planned suburb that stands out for being the city’s best planned community. In contrast to San Francisco, everything in Costa del Este is new and shiny.

It’s a neighborhood within the corregimiento of Juan Díaz, and it’s found just off the main highway that takes you into Panama City from the international airport.

It’s among Panama City’s most sought-after business and residential addresses, and it offers strong investment potential. A number of national and international companies are based here, which has attracted expats from all over the world—especially those with families.

Spacious, walkable, clean, safe, and turn-key, Costa del Este is both a classic suburb and a truly cosmopolitan neighborhood. It’s also home to Panama City’s newest John Hopkins-affiliated hospital, as well as being just minutes away from a Jack Nicklaus-designed golf course.

Prices in Costa del Este are some of the highest in the city, but demand remains strong.

What’s the best play here? Targeting the executives and employees of multinational corporations, again with medium- to long-term rentals. Buying pre-construction either to sell or to rent at completion can also be an effective and profitable strategy.

 Costa Del Este Property Pick

The most established, experienced, and respected developer in Panama is launching a new pre-construction project in Costa del Este.

It offers one- and two-bedroom units of between 100 and 131 square meters, priced between US$228,000 and US$448,000. A price point of US$300,000 would make you eligible for Panama’s Qualified Investor Permanent Residency (its Golden Visa).

There’s opportunity for solid potential ROI, as this group’s already completed project (right across the street) enjoys over 93% occupancy, mostly from executives from multinational corporations. There’s also big appreciation potential.

A payment plan (with 30% required over a three-year period) is available, and completion is estimated for the end of 2026. Go here for more information on this project.

 Bella Vista

Bella Vista is a corregimiento made up of some of Panama City’s most important neighborhoods, including Obarrio, Marbella, El Cangrejo, Avenida Balboa, El Carmen, and La Cresta.

It’s been undergoing a major overhaul that involves widening sidewalks, putting power and communication cables underground, improving parks, and more, all designed to craft a young, metropolitan lifestyle.

Living here puts you in the heart of the city, with easy access to everything. Calle 50, a major Panama City thoroughfare, runs through it. Also close is Calle Uruguay and its vast selection of bars, restaurants, and clubs.

One of the city’s most popular expat neighborhoods, El Cangrejo, is here. It’s close to public transportation, schools, universities, clinics, pharmacies, grocery stores, restaurants and bars, and plenty of green areas.

It’s central, so you can easily reach other areas of the city, and best of all, it’s walkable—one of the few neighborhoods in Panama City that qualifies as such.

I see the best play in Bella Vista as a medium- or long-term rental apartment in El Cangrejo that targets young professionals, millennials, and digital nomads who are attracted by its fun and funky atmosphere.


Sophia Titley signature

Sophia Titley

Editor, Overseas Property Alert

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When people talk about moving to Panama to enjoy a new life overseas, most think about exotic beachfront locations like Coronado, Bocas Del Toro, Boquete, or the San Blas Islands.

I traveled to Panama a couple weeks ago, and I had a fantastic time right in the city.

It was so much fun I nearly didn’t leave.

I was in Panama to attend the Live And Invest Overseas Panama Conference, meet with some contacts, and to inspect some of the developments in the area for Overseas Property Alert.

The conference was great, attendees got up-to-the-minute information on what’s happening in Panama, what to avoid, and where the most desirable locations and the best deals can be found.

We got the lowdown to a variety of unique and diverse investments on offer, solid legal advice, and in-depth information about the changes to the various visas you can get.

On top of this, we listened to a lot of first-hand accounts from expats on the ground on deciding where would suit you best, how to move there, and what …

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Earn A 30% Fixed Return Backed By US$1-Billion Government Fund: An Infinity-Sum Opportunity

In game theory, “zero-sum” is a concept where for someone to win, someone else must lose.

I’ve known sociopaths in business who are only satisfied with a deal if they can screw everyone else out of their share.

These greedy characters are zero-sum operators.

Sometimes I come across an opportunity that’s the opposite of a zero-sum deal.

The opposite of a zero-sum deal is an infinity-sum deal.

These are opportunities where everyone wins. The community wins. The ordinary person wins. The government wins. And you win.

And it’s truly a pleasure to do business this way.

Today, I want to alert you to a developer in Panama who is guaranteeing a 30% ROI in just two years, completely turn-key. You don’t have the hassle of having to renovate, rent, or sell anything. You collect your 30% in two years (or sooner), and you can reinvest your profits again if you like.

The project takes advantage of a US$1-billion government fund set up specifically to support this opportunity.

This deal is designed to provide desperately needed resources to ordinary folks. It builds communities and …

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Here on Avenida Balboa, you'll enjoy the best views in Panama City

I’m delighted to be speaking to you today as the new editor of this Overseas Property Alert. Lynn Mulvihill is diversifying her role with Live And Invest Overseas… creating an opportunity for me to join the conversation.

I hope I can fill Lynn’s shoes adequately and that my insights and recommendations for global property markets based on decades of living and working in the real estate industry around the world will be enlightening and even entertaining for you.

And, of course, profitable.

Before we go further, maybe I should take a minute to give you some idea who’ll be behind these dispatches going forward…

I’m Irish. Studied business and law in University College Dublin before embarking on an eclectic career in real estate that has taken me from Ireland across Europe and then on to the Americas.

I’ve seen a lot, done a lot, and, boy, have I made a few mistakes along the way…

I’ve served as a director of real estate, oil and gas, and offshore corporate services companies… and I’ve built, scouted, bought, and sold all manner of properties…

And I’ve made and lost a few fortunes along the way…

The good news for you is that, after decades of property investing experience across the globe, I’ve learned from every misstep.

Now I want to share my hard-won wisdom.

I love the thrill of chasing a deal, I know the industry from both sides, and I’ve come to be able to spot the cowboy operators and grifters from across the street.

I’m back in my home county of Limerick, Ireland, these days… but my scouting boots are by the door.

I’ll be on the road more than not.

As we like to say here at Live And Invest Overseas, the world is alive with opportunity for fun… and, most important to our purposes here, profit.

Over the coming weeks and months, I’ll be bringing you the choicest hand-picked deals from the best developers operating in the markets most poised for growth across the globe…

And important, I’ll be bringing you personally negotiated exclusive pricing, terms, and inventory.

We’re living through historic times.

A turning-point era.

Offering enormous potential for those of us paying attention.

Let’s begin our conversation in Panama… a market that we at Live And Invest Overseas have been heralding for more than two decades… that, in fact, we were the first to recommend…

And that offers more opportunity right now than ever.

Read on below…

Panama has long been recognized as one of the best—and easiest—options in the world for …

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“Could you really disappear… and never get caught by the KGB… or FBI?”

I’d paused an episode of The Americans to get my husband’s thoughts….

“Well, that’s the 80s,” he reminded me. “I’d say it was possible then… and even into the late 90s.”

A different time, for sure…

Whatever hope you had of escaping Stan Beeman and his buddies back then, I’m not confident of your chances in this digital era. (We’ve come a long way from that clunky mail-delivering robot at FBI HQ.)

Fortunately, few of us have reason to run for our lives in a dramatic way. Still, many of us welcome the opportunity to escape to a quieter place from time to time…

If going off the radar is your dream for your new property overseas, then you’ll appreciate today’s destination…

It’s in Panama… but away from the bright lights of uber-modern Panama City. Not far from …