Owning income property is one of the best investments you can make for a stable return for years to come. Depending on your personal needs and plan, you can buy an income property to use yourself part of the year and rent it to collect income when you’re not there, or simply invest in property that provides ongoing income as your primary objective.

Overseas income property may help you diversify your funds into a different currency or provide a Plan B residence outside your home country should you ever need it. If your property investment leads to residency in your country of choice you may have the freedom to stay as long as you want and reenter the country as often as you please.

Or you might travel between various properties, staying in each for two or three months a year on a regular rotation schedule. Some people invest in income property for an easy, turnkey way to produce profits while letting experienced developers do all the work.

What Should I Consider Before Investing In Rental Income Property?

  • The local property market
  • Finding a reliable property manager and/or property representative
  • Understanding the commissions and fees you will pay
  • Choosing a location that will yield your best return on investment, not necessarily where you might want to live
  • The opinions of several property managers or real estate agents to understand the current demand and what property will be a good investment, the best locations within the area, for example, which properties are close to shopping/restaurants/transportation/amenities and the walkability of the neighborhood.

At Overseas Property Alert we cover many types of income property from tiny homes to independent living communities and even turnkey developments where you help finance the project but you never need to visit the location, you never deal with rental issues, and the development company takes care of everything.

Other typical income property options might include vacation rental property, rental income projects, middle-class single-family homes in master-planned communities, student housing, agricultural, and beachfront resort units. In all, we’ll share a good sampling of the various income properties available around the world at reasonable prices with solid returns.

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