Tapping Into The U.K.’s Holiday Rental Obsession

A beautiful sunset over the Yorkshire Dales perfect for holiday rentals

I live in London, so when I think about overseas property investment, it’s usually not Yorkshire—a county in Northern England—that comes to mind first…

But because I’m based here, I understand how popular holiday rentals are among Brits…

Almost a third of the population has stayed in one over the past three years. That’s about 17.5 million people.

luxury Holiday Rental resort in Yorkshire,

So, when this investment offer in a luxury holiday resort in Yorkshire came on my radar, it caught my attention. 

Plus, I found out that there’s a special pricing offer currently in effect and available until Nov. 30. 

Here’s everything you need to know about it… 

The investment is in eco-lodges in a luxury holiday resort that sits on 30 acres of charming English countryside. 

The resort is surrounded by lakes and nature trails

The resort is surrounded by lakes and nature trails, making it ideal for family vacations. Specifically, it’s in the East Ridings of Yorkshire—one of the most desirable and visited holiday destinations in the U.K.

The U.K. holiday and tourism industry is on the rise, set to be worth 275 billion pounds by 2025. About 37.9 million people visit England per year. It’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. 

Yorkshire is a prime location that competes on a global scale as a place to visit and invest in. It has incredible beauty and a rich history, and tourism is the heart of the Yorkshire economy.

Domestic tourism is also strong in the U.K., and holiday rentals have long been a mainstay of that industry. 

Their popularity stands to increase in coming years, with more people opting for “staycations” (i.e., vacations in their home country) rather than trips abroad. 

About half of all Brits are interested in staying in a holiday rental in the future, according to research by Mintel. 

The Offer: Eco-Lodges In A Luxury Resort

The current phase of the resort features 50 eco-lodges that range in size from two to four bedrooms.

The lodges feature natural light, upgraded kitchens with wine coolers, fireplaces, and Wi-Fi. Plus, each one has its own hot tub that you can soak in after a long day of enjoying the outdoors.

Your opportunity to get involved consists of freehold ownership of a lodge as a buy-to-rent investment that, under the current offer, can earn you 9% to 11% net ROI. 

This is a completely turn-key investment, managed by Europe’s largest holiday management company, which will look after your lodge and ensure maximum rental income with the highest possible occupancy rates. 

The resort is packed with on-site amenities that increase revenues and overall value, like a pub and waterfront restaurant, children’s play areas, spa therapy rooms, a hair salon, a nail bar, and more…

It all adds up to the ultimate holiday retreat for you or your renters. 

The Current Investment Deal

This is a fully funded development, asset-backed and underwritten by the developer.

Annual yields are paid out quarterly, beginning upon the exchange of contracts. (In other words, payouts are not dependent on the site being fully sold and operational.) 

You’ll receive the quarterly payouts for a period of 5 or 10 years. At the end of year 5 or 10, your initial investment amount is returned, plus an extra 10%. 

After years 5 or 10, you have a clearly defined exit strategy, although you can’t sell your unit before either of these periods has passed.

Special Pricing Offer Currently In Effect… But Only Until Nov. 30

Only a handful of units remain, and the developer is currently offering special pricing for cash purchases.

Until Nov. 30, you can get a 10,000-pound discount on your unit, plus a 1% uplift in the net return.

These are the property options available under that special pricing offer: 

  • Two-bedroom eco-lodges from 159,950 pounds, which earns you a 9% net annual ROI.
  • Three-bedroom eco-lodges from 189,950 pounds, which earns you a 10% net annual ROI. 
  • Four-bedroom eco-lodges for 219,950 pounds, which earns you an 11% net annual ROI. 

If you want to get in on this deal and take advantage of the current 10,000-pound discount and 1% uplift in the net return, act quickly because it’s only available until Nov. 30. 

Go here now to reserve your unit.

To reserve a unit, you need to pay a 500-pound deposit with a 14-day refund period. 

You need to exchange contracts within 21 days, at which point your quarterly income payments begin. 

What You Stand To Gain

Your income over five years for the two-bedroom ecolodge will be 71,978 pounds… and with the buy-back offer of 110%, you’ll earn 15,995 pounds plus the return of your original 159,950-pound investment. 

This makes the total return 87,973 pounds, or an ROI of ver the first five years.

The ROI increases to 60% and 65% for the three-bedroom unit and four-bedroom unit, respectively.

This investment does not have any site or management fees. There are no hidden costs or deductions from your quarterly income. 

These lodges are exempt from stamp duty, and you won’t have to worry about the payment of council tax, as the management company will take care of everything on your behalf. 

If you need financing, the developer is offering an extended payment plan with 5- to 10-year in-house plans… The terms are as follows: 0% interest with a 30% down payment, with the rest due over a 60-month term.

But note that the special pricing offer (a 10,000-pound discount and 1% uplift in the net return) only applies to cash purchases. 

Each property type has limited availability, so if you’re interested, act quickly. Get in touch about these luxury lodges in a U.K. eco-resort here now.


Sophia Titley

Sophia Titley
Editor, Overseas Property Alert