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Global real estate can be the key to unlocking a wealthy lifestyle…

One that’s free of concerns about financing your future or what the stock market is up to…

One that, if organized the right way, can bring in income each month while you sit back and relax.

In the latest issue of Global Property Advisor, I alerted my subscribers to a handful of current global investment opportunities that meet these criteria.

These are ready-to-rent properties with property management teams on site… meaning everything from marketing your property to sourcing renters to collecting payments is arranged on your behalf.

You don’t need to lift a finger… You don’t even need to visit your property, if you don’t want to…

Then again, these opportunities are located in highly coveted global tourism destinations that are hard to resist.
Best of all, because of relationships that Lief Simon has established, they’re priced at pre-construction levels despite being ready to rent right now.

Here’s a glimpse at a few of these opportunities. For access to the full list, subscribe to Global Property Advisor by clicking here.

Panama’s Pacific Coast—Beachfront Luxury For $159,000

Anyone interested in beach property in Panama has heard of Coronado.

This stretch of Pacific coastline, an hour and a half from Panama City, has grown rapidly over the past few decades.

It transformed from a sleepy beach town to the heart of Panama’s Gold Coast, now well-appointed with a vast assortment of American-style shops, supermarkets, and restaurants.

Just 10 minutes up the road from Coronado, a similar transformation is taking place in the next town over, Gorgona.

In Gorgona, the construction of resort-style developments is underway, new roads are being paved, and a modern shopping mall is being built.

Based in Gorgona, you’re only minutes from Coronado’s restaurants and gourmet grocery stores… high-quality health care with English-speaking doctors… a golf course, yoga studios, and a friendly expat community…

But you’re also far enough away to escape the busy weekend crowds.

In Global Property Advisor, I overviewed a residential project in Gorgona that has an innovative architectural design. It consists of two towers and is shaped like a ship’s hull.

The building is designed to give residents uninterrupted views over the Pacific Ocean to the front and rolling green mountains to the back.

The project offers everything you’d expect of a luxury complex, including two social areas with a restaurant, a roofed terrace, a sundeck, two pools, a multipurpose court, a fitness center, a sauna, a private events room… and private access to the beach.
The buildings have 24-hour security, a main lobby with a front desk, visitor parking, and four main elevators.

Seventy-square-meter, one-bedroom units usually sell for $210,000… But Lief has negotiated a special cash price of just $159,000.

That’s a massive $51,000 savings opportunity.

Developer financing is also available at 2% interest. Prices with financing start at $182,000 and come with six months of free maintenance.

The building was completed in 2019, so these units are ready to use now.

Many are being used as both residential properties and income-producing rentals. A rental management team is on-site for turn-key profits.

This is a luxury property that could be your second home, a vacation spot, your escape, or your ultimate retirement plan.

The developer behind the project is one of the oldest and most respected in the country—one that Lief has a 20-year relationship with.

If you’re interested in this one-of-a-kind deal that puts you just steps away from the Pacific Ocean, inquire for more details here.

Brazil—Beach Bungalows In The Path Of Progress For $97,000

Brazil has one of the biggest economies in the world and a growing middle class… It’s an exciting time for this country, and investors can sense the potential.

Brazil is also a country of beautiful coastlines, and few populations love the beach as much as Brazil’s does.

One of the most sought-out coastlines in the country is that of the Northeast Region. Here, Lief has negotiated an investment deal that you won’t find anywhere else.

It’s for one-bed bungalows starting at $97,000 that put you mere steps from a pristine, white-sand beach.

Each bungalow will feature one bedroom with an en-suite bathroom, along with a small but functional kitchen area that opens up to a combined living space.

Each also has its own plunge pool and private yard for outdoor dining and entertainment.

The development is situated on the edge of a peninsula, so incredible views are a given, and a selection of beaches is available.

Your home here will be just minutes from Canoa Quebrada and Aracati.

The former offers kite surfing, horseback riding, boat tours, great restaurants, and wine bars. The latter has amenities such as a supermarket, shopping mall, pharmacy, and hospital.

For everything else you might need, Fortaleza, the capital of the Northeast Region and Brazil’s fifth-largest city, is less than two hours away.

This is a deal for anyone looking for hassle-free rental income.

An experienced rental team is available to manage everything for you, so it’s a fully turn-key investment. The units are complete and ready to receive renters.

You stand to earn projected net rental yields of up to 8%.

Just for Live And Invest Overseas readers, the developers are knocking off $20,000 from the market price, meaning you pay only $97k for your beach bungalow. That’s what we call pocket-money beach property.

Longer term, this will be a mature and developed market that will ensure the properties enjoy strong appreciation.

We have worked with this developer for several years now, and he has an excellent track record… If you are interested, get in touch ASAP.

Click here to get in touch, get full details, and ask any questions.

Northern Cyprus—Mediterranean Resort Living For 111,000 Pounds
Northern Cyprus’s Iskele area allows for easy coastal living all year-round. It’s renowned for its natural beauty and miles of sandy beaches with crystal-clear waters.

This property investment opportunity is in a five-star resort.

A spa, wellness center, restaurants, cafés, bakery, wine bar, kids play areas, gym, tennis court, and your choice of 11 indoor and outdoor pools are all on your doorstep. There’s even a clinic and a pharmacy on site.

These amenities are already in place, with more planned for the next pre-construction phases, including an indoor surfing pool, barbecue areas, a training golf course, and parks…

An experienced team is on-site for 100% turn-key rental and property management. Everything from airport pick-ups to furnishing the apartment can be handled by the team on the ground.

The projected net ROI is 8%.

Right now, you can get ready-to-move-in units starting at 111,000 British pounds. As a Live And Invest Overseas reader, you can buy these units for 10% off if you pay in full a month after your reservation.

However, developer financing is available with 50% down and the rest paid in installments for 24 months at 0% interest.

This is one of the easiest and most affordable opportunities on our radar. It’s a fraction of what you’d pay for a similar beach property elsewhere in the Mediterranean.

The people behind this opportunity are happy to talk to potential investors about anything—the project, the island, the weather… and they have photos and videos of the property to share.

If you’re interested in this turn-key investment in a market that provides the best of the Mediterranean for a fraction of the price elsewhere… click here.


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