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Lief Simon, Director of Overseas Property Alert
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Overseas Property Alert Director Lief Simon is also the Co-Founder of Live and Invest Overseas.Over the two-and-a-half decades of his investing career, Lief has made more than 70 property purchases across 24 countries.

He’s bought rentals and rehabs… private residences and commercial space… as well as land for banking, development, forestry, and farming.

His current portfolio includes properties in Paris and Panama… Croatia and Belize… Nicaragua and Nova Scotia… Mendoza and Medellin… Spain and Ireland… England and Brazil…

Lief’s holdings are about as well diversified—across economies and currencies—as a global property portfolio can get.

Con Murphy, editor of Overseas Property Alert and GPA

Overseas Property Alert Editor Con Murphy is Lief’s right hand man and roving global scout.

Con heads up a team that covers the world map.

With a background in business and law, Con’s career as a global property investor has taken him from Ireland to Cyprus… from Africa to Belize…

Now he’s constantly on the move to explore and assess the markets he and Lief identify as offering the greatest opportunity for the individual investor shopping for both fun and profit.

Both Lief and Con are standing by to help answer any questions you have about property or Overseas Property Alert

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