Investing Fundamentals

Learn the basics on how to invest and purchase property abroad…
Northern Cyprus to the left and Porto, Portugal to the right

Comparing Investments In Real Estate: Northern Cyprus Vs. Portugal

Property Investment In Northern Cyprus Vs. Portugal How do you decide which real estate investment destination is best for you? Comparing real estate investments in …

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Closeup rolled of variety banknote and multi currency around the world

Things To Consider Buying Property With A Different Currency

My son is a massive soccer fan. He also lives by numbers. Every morning, I hand over my phone for 10 minutes so he can …

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Boats in blue waters in Malta with residential buildings on the backgrounds on a sunny afternoon

Complete Guide To Buy A Rental Property

Checklist For Buying Income-Producing Properties Overseas Buying a rental property abroad offers a myriad of benefits. With one transaction you can diversify your market and …

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Neighborhood street sunset panorama of modern upper middle class single family houses

How To Determine When To Cash Out Of Your U.S. Investments

You Gotta Know When To Fold ‘Em Kenny Rogers said it best: The most crucial piece of information in investing is knowing when to cash …

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Aerial View of Riviera Sao Lourenco Beach in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Buying Off-Plan Guide: Lock In Big Discounts On Future Retail Prices

The Rules For Buying Off-Plan Real Estate Buying off-plan property has many advantages, but it also has many pitfalls. I bought an off-plan apartment in …

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Investing Infation

Learn How To Invest Smarter And Let Inflation Pay You

Make Inflation Pay You This is the short-term fallout of the current geo-political mess: Fuel and energy price spikes; Supply chain disruptions, microchip shortages, and …

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A small house with a nice green yard for sale.

You Must Read This Before You Sell Your Rental Property

When To Sell And Reinvest “When should I sell a rental property?” is a popular question among readers. For most people, the answer depends on …

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Colorful alleys and streets in Guanajuato city, Mexico

The Most Important Factors To Consider When Evaluating An Investment

The Dangers Of Gross Yield Offers And The Pitfalls Of Fixed Appreciation Projection There are a lot of scammers out there. And not all of …

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Modern villa with pool and garden

10 Questions You Must Ask Before Buying Property Overseas

They must have looked so alluring on paper… Luxury villas next to the golf course at Quinta do Lago—one of the Algarve’s premier resorts… each …

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Real estate agent broker with bungalow house in background

5 Things You Need To Know About Your Overseas Real Estate Agent

“Imagine yourself sitting on this veranda each afternoon,” said my real estate agent, “watching the sun sink into the horizon straight out there. The orientation …

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Rooftops of Paris with view of the Sacre Coeur Basilica in Montmartre and the Trinity Church

How To Recognize A Good Real Estate Buy In Paris

In an episode of This American Life recorded back in 2000, writer David Sedaris takes host Ira Glass on a tour of Paris—his adopted home. …

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Woman looking for house on real estate market website

What Fees And Transaction Costs Go Into Buying Real Estate?

Before you roll your eyes and yawn, I fully understand that an article about transaction costs is not enticing. However, if you want to buy …

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